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2017 U.S. Open Club Championships

City: Blaine
Date: 8/4/2017 - 8/7/2017
State: MN
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This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Site Rules
  • No Alcohol except for what is offered at the NSC
  • No Tobacco
  • No Glass
  • No Weapons
  • No Abusive Language
  • Observe Parking Restrictions and Handicap/Staff Spots
  • Dogs Must be Leashed
  • Spectators and equipment must stay at least 5 yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least 5 yards.
  • Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans.
Local Organizing Committee - Minnesota Ultimate - Staff
Tournament Director – Bruce Mebust
Volunteer Coordinator – Dana Jefferson 
Volunteer Coordinator – Kristina Golling
Head Scorekeeper – Michael Helmecki
Statistics Assistant – Scott Lehman
Statistics Assistant – Tim Leinbach
Spirit of the Game Assistant – Chris Dascalos
Hospitality Coordinator – Barbara Thomas
Youth Programs Liaison – Ashley Green
Media Coordinator – Noah Robiner
Minnesota Ultimate – Jake McKean
USA Ultimate Staff
Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Tom Crawford
Director, Finance and Development – Julia Echterhoff Lee
Manager, Finance and Administration – Ethan Taylor-Pierce
Managing Director, Competition and Athlete Programs – Will Deaver
Manager, Competition and Athlete Programs – Joy Ferenbaugh
Manager, Competition and Athlete Programs – Ernest Toney
Manager, Competition and Athlete Programs – Tom Manewitz
Manager, Events – Byron Hicks
Manager, Events – David Raflo
Director, Membership Services and Community Development – Josh Murphy
Manager, Event Sanctioning – Leah Dolan-Kelley
Manager, Community Services and Development – Kristen Gallagher
Manager, Youth and Education Programs – Dan Raabe
Coordinator, Youth and Education Programs – Sarah Powers
Administrative Assistant, Member Services – Joy Dunphey
Director, Marketing and Communications – Andy Lee
Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications – Maelyn Divinski
Manager, Communications and Publications – Stacey Waldrup
Intern – Carly Siewert
National Men’s Director – Adam Goff
National Mixed Director – Remy Schor
National Women’s Director – Carolyn Finney
Regional Youth Directors – Christie Lawry, Fran Kelley, Jonathan Nethercutt, & Ben Snell
Girls’ National Outreach Director – Rachel Johnson
Co-author, GUM Curriculum – Betsy Calkins
PA Announcer – Steve Dunn
Medical Staff
Alex Senk, MD (Medical Director), Brionn Tonkin, MD, Logan McCool, DO, Courtney-Kay Lamb, MD, Sakshi Kaul, MD
Laura Meyer & Keith Temple (Head Observers), Bill, Bourret, Brian Bradburn, Mac Davidson, Mitch Dengler, Paddy Driscoll, Josh Drury, Glenn Ford, Chris Hazzi, Josh Hyde, Linda Kudo, Jonathan Levy, Jonathan Monforti, Kate Monforti, Carl Nelson, Andrew Nguyen, Shiellah Quintos, Chris Ries, Sam Shapiro, Jonah Shaver, Brad Tinney, Stephen Wang, Sam Wood
Adult Teams Participating
Women's Teams
Brute Squad (Boston, MA)
Fury (San Francisco, CA)
Heist (Madison, WI)
Iceni (London, United Kingdom)
Molly Brown (Denver, CO)
MUD (Tokyo, Japan)
Revolution (Medellin, Colombia)
Riot (Seattle, WA)
Scandal (Washington, DC)
Showdown (Austin, TX)
Traffic (Vancouver, British Columbia)
UNO (Aichi, Japan)
Mixed Teams
AMP (Philadelphia, PA)
Drag'n Thrust (Minneapolis, MN)
Fire (Bogota, Colombia)
Metro North (Mianus, CT)
Migrant (Tokyo, Japan)
Mischief (San Francisco, CA)
Mixtape (Seattle, WA)
NOISE (Madison, WI)
Shinshu LOOSE (Nagano, Japan)
Slow White (Boston, MA)
Steamboat (Cincinnati, OH) 
Team Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Men's Teams
Clapham (London, United Kingdom)
CUSB (Bologna, Italy)
High Five (Ann Arbor, MI)
Inside Rakete (Berlin, Germany)
Ironside (Boston, MA)
Johnny Bravo (Denver, CO)
Patrol (Philadelphia, PA)
Revolver (San Francisco, CA)
Ring of Fire (Raleigh, NC)
Sockeye (Seattle, WA)
Sub Zero (Minneapolis, MN) 
Truck Stop (Washington, DC)
Youth Teams Participating:
Belle - Cincinnati Youth Summer League
cATLanta - AFDC Juniors
Cutthroat Girls - AYU Denver Boulder Summer Youth Ultimate League
Daydream - Neuqua Valley Ultimate Frisbee
DC Rogue - WAFC Summer Youth League
Minnesota Superior 
Moxie - PHUL Spring League
Narwhal - DiscNW
Philadelphia Forge - PADA 
Texas Tango - Dallas
Utah Swarm 
Valley Ultimate 
Warhawks - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League
Illinois Youth Ultimate/SLUJ HS (St. Louis) combo
ATLiens - AFDC Juniors
Austin Amigos - UPLA Spring League 
Carolina Sky - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League 2017
Charlotte Flight Youth Summer League
Chicago Elite - Illinois Youth Ultimate
Colorado Cutthroat - AYU Denver Boulder Summer Youth Ultimate League
Connecticut Insomnia
Flying Pig - Cincinnati Youth Summer League
Foggy Bottom Boys - WAFC Summer Youth League
Helix - Houston Youth Spring League
Impulse - PHUL Spring League
Iowa YCC
Little Pony - DiscNY
Minnesota Superior A
Nashvillians - Nashville Fall Youth League
Nightmare Ultimate - Neuqua Valley Ultimate Frisbee
Oregon Avalanche - Portland Ultimate
Philadelphia Forge - PADA 
Red Dawn - Bay Area Disc
Rising Tide - Maine Ultimate
SEMI - Michigan 
Splash - DiscNW
STL Storm - St. Louis
Superior 2
Texas Two Step - Dallas
Triforce - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League (2nd)
Utah Swarm
Valley Ultimate U20 Boys
Bankroll - DiscNW
CT Insomnia
Granite State - New Hampshire
Happy Cows - Bay Area Disc
INcognito - Indiana Ultimate Foundation
Madison MUFAbots 
Milwaukee Lake Effect
MN Superior Ultimate
Notorious P.I.G. - Cincinnati Youth Summer League
Philadelphia Forge - PADA 
Powerline - So Cal
Rising Tide - Maine Ultimate
Skyscrapers - DiscNY
Swing Vote - WAFC Summer Youth League
Belle - Cincinnati Youth Summer League
Belly of the Beast - Bay Area Disc
Club Deportivo Revolution - Columbia
Eclipse - DiscNW
Kitty Hawks - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League 
Minnesota Superior - MN Ultimate
Oregon Ash - Portland Ultimate
Rip Tide - Maine Ultimate
Aftershock - Bay Area Disc
ATLas - AFDC Juniors
AYU Denver Boulder Summer Youth Ultimate League
Capitol Heights - WAFC Summer Youth League
Chicago Windy City - Illinois Youth Ultimate
Cincinnati Flying Piglet 
Club Deportivo Revolution - Columbia
Déjà vu Ultimate - Neuqua Valley Ultimate Frisbee
INtensity - Indiana Ultimate Foundation
Lucky PuNCs - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League 2017
MN Superior 17 - MN Ultimate
NC Hammer - Triangle Ultimate Youth Summer League
Neap Tide - Maine Ultimate
Oblivion - DiscNW
Oregon Eruption - Portland Ultimate
Philadelphia Fusion - PADA 
Pulse - PHUL 
Texas Swing - Dallas

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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The U.S. Open is one of the major events of the 2017 Triple Crown Tour, with bid priority going to teams that finished 1st-8th at the prior National Championships, as well as to international teams.
2017 USA Ultimate Affiliate and State Based Organizers Convention

In addition to the competition, an annual national state-based and affiliate organizer's convention is also hosted alongside the overall event with reps from all SBO and Affiliate orgs. Registration is open to anyone interested in attending and connecting with USAU staff and peers from around the nation.
2017 Convention Information ►
Health, Safety and Liability Requirements - Please make sure to understand, follow, and communicate/share these requirements with all participants.
Tournament Medical and Inclement Weather Plan - Specific safety information for your tournament
Provisions & Amenities - A list of important items that should be provided at the tournament. (Note not all items may be provided at regular season or recreation events, such as logos, event guides, shelter etc.).
Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. This includes the requirement for a rostered chaperone.