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CDP Level I Workshop: Minneapolis

The Level I program consists of two workshops (Coaching Ethics and Coaching Performance) where coaches will learn skills and techniques to: introduce Ultimate and its skills to new players; manage effective practices; teach and maintain Spirit of the Game; interact with and utilize parents; improve the fitness of their team; maintain high professional coaching standards; and behave both ethically and legally while coaching.

Any leader in the Ultimate community. Participants must be a current USAU member (either for 2013 or 2014) to attend, must be or become a USAU Coach member to obtain certification. If you are under 21, you may attend but your certification will be held until you turn 21. Coaches of teams at any level are encouraged to attend.

CDP Level I / Coaching Development Program / Level I
Manager / Instructor:
Sub Manager / Local Organizer:
Registration Open Date:
12/18/2014 13:00 PM
Registration End Date:
1/26/2015 23:59 PM
Clinic Start Date:
1/31/2015 08:00 AM
Clinic End Date:
1/31/2015 17:00 PM
Clinic Cost:
Clinic Region:
North Central
Robbinsdale Middle School
3730 Toledo Ave N.
Robbinsdale , MN 55422
Public Contact Info:
 Questions? Please contact or at 612-708-9993. 
Travel Directions / Accommodations:
Breakfast & Lunch will be provided.  All diets will be accomodated. 
Park on the west side of the building in the main lot. You will need to drive around the school to get to the main entrace, which faces highway 100. 
Workshop Location
Enter through the main door and go to your right. Walk past the office, guidance office, and nurse. Keep going until you reach room 132, which is the first classroom after the stairwell.  There will be signs posted as well. Main floor gyms will also be used later in the afternoon. 
What to Bring
  • Water bottle, for re-filling (this will save on bottled water) 
  • Layers- depending on the weather, the school can be drafty. 
  • Preferred method for taking notes
  • Tennis shoes (for use in gyms) 
  • Ultimate clothing