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USA Ultimate High School CDP Coaches Training

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The High School Certification program will cover building your coaching values, professionalism with a youth team, inclusion, player leadership, Spirit of the Game (and self-officiating), and building a more efficient practice using the American Development Model..


Coaches of teams at any level and leaders in the ultimate community are encouraged to attend. To register you must have an active coach level membership.

High School / Coaching Development Program / High School Certified Coach
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Registration Open Date:
2/13/2019 17:00 PM
Registration End Date:
3/01/2019 16:30 PM
Clinic Start Date:
3/02/2019 08:30 AM
Clinic End Date:
3/02/2019 12:00 PM
Clinic Cost:
Clinic Region:
North Central
LaFollette High School Room A12
702 Pflaum Rd
Madison, WI 53716
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Travel Directions / Accommodations:
 Once at the school, park in the lot East of the School for the High School (west lot is for the middle school)   Saturday morning your best bet is the Activities Entrance.  Once you enter, walk until you hit the first hallway.  Take a left and continue until you can't go further and then turn right.  Eventually you'll arrive at a split-level spot (big glass doors on your left, courtyard on your right).  Take the stairway down to the lower level and look for A-12, on the left.  If you're lost and there are knowledgeable people around, ask to be sent to the "Lower A-wing".