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2020 U.S. Open Club Championships

City: Blaine
Date: 7/31/2020 - 8/3/2020
State: MN

This event is not accepting registration anymore.
 Site Rules
• No Alcohol except for what is offered at the NSC
• No Tobacco
• No Glass
• No Weapons
• No Abusive Language
• Observe Parking Restrictions and Handicap/Staff Spots
• Dogs Must be Leashed
• Spectators and equipment must stay at least five yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least five yards.
• Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans. 
Local Organizing Committee Staff
Tournament Director – Tyler Smith
Volunteer Coordinator – Kristina Golling
Head Scorekeeper – Mike Helmecki
Scorekeeping Assistants – 
Spirit of the Game Assistant – 
Hospitality Coordinator – 
Youth Programs Liaison – 
Media Coordinator – 
Admissions Coordinator – 
Minnesota Ultimate – Jake McKean
Medical Staff: Alex Senk, MD (Medical Director)

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Cancelled Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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The U.S. Open Club Championships combines the Youth Club Championships (YCC) division, featuring the top youth club teams from around the nation, with the U.S. Open, one of the major events of the Triple Crown Tour, where bid priority goes to teams that finished 1st-8th at the prior National Championships, as well as to international teams in the International Club Championships (ICC) division.
Tournament Medical and Inclement Weather Plan - coming soon
Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. YCC requirements include 2 rostered chaperones, 25 or older, and a certified coach for each team.
Media Accreditation.  Contact Andy Lee

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Broadcast Schedule

Buy tickets for the 2020 U.S. Open!
Tickets will be required for non-participants during the ICC semifinals and finals
on Saturday, August 1, and Sunday, August 2.