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Sectionals Tournament Rules!
  • All games will be played by the 11th Edition of the USAU rules, unless specified otherwise.
  • Check-in at HQ each day before your games and check-out after you games by either reporting your scores to HQ or texting them to (978) 382-2886
  • Games are played to 15. There should never be a score greater than 15 unless in a win by two situation (which only occurs if soft cap has gone off)
Games to 105 minutes maximum
  • 2 time-outs per half, and one in overtime regardless of any remaining from regulation (unaffected by hard cap)
  • 1 short horn blast starts the round
  • 2 short horn blasts is soft cap (75 minutes)
    • Game then becomes capped at two points ahead of the leading team
  • 1 long horn blast is hard cap (95 minutes)
    • After the current scoring attempt is completed...
      • If a team is up by 1 point or more, then the game is over
      • If the two teams are tied at hard cap, play the universe point. Then the game is over.