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Tournament Rules USA 11th Edition Rules Saturday: Pools A & B: games played to 13 Pools C & D: games played to 15. Sun. & Mon.: All games played to 15. Timeouts 1/half + 1 floater. No timeouts during caps. Caps Soft cap (one horn, 70 min): Add two to the higher score after the point and play to that. Hard cap (two horns, 80 min): Finish the point. If it’s tied, play one more. If not, game over. Determining the pool finishes in case of a 3-way tie: 1. Record 2. Point differential 3. Fewest points allowed 4. Most points scored 5. Coin flip Absolutely no alcohol or pets on the fields. Athletic Trainers will be on hand for taping and emergencies. The athletic trainers will be providing supplies, but please do not abuse this privilege. Due to the limited number of athletic trainers, they will only be able to help players with injuries that happen at the tournament. That being said, getting ankles taped is fine. They just won't have time to do an eval for a pre-existing injury. There is a $35 charge for unreturned crutches. In case of an emergency, alert the Athletic Trainers at Tournament Central immediately and they will call an ambulance if necessary. Showers are available in the RIMAC arena locker rooms. Enter through the ground level doors on the south end of RIMAC field. Showers are also available at the Canyon View Recreation Center across the street from Warren Field. In order to shower there, you will need to present a student ID. Please utilize these resources rather than showering in provided free housing. Field #2 will serve as the showcase field throughout the weekend. Fields are expected to change on Sunday in order to allow for Ultiworld to highlight certain games. Please reference the USAU website before your game for the most up to date information on field location.