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Heat altered schedule: (10 minutes between rounds)
Saturday: 90 minute rounds with hard cap at 80 minutes.
Games to 13, 1/1+floater
Rd 1: 8am start, 9:20am hard cap
Rd 2: 9:30am start, 10:50am hard cap
Rd 3: 11:00am start, 12:20pm hard cap
Rd 4: 6:30pm start, 7:50pm hard cap
Rd 5: 8:00pm start, 9:20pm hard cap
Sunday: 110 minute rounds with hard cap at 100 minutes.
Games to 15, 2 t/o per half
Rd 1: 8am start, 9:40am hard cap
Rd 2: 9:50am start, 11:30am hard cap
Rd 3: 11:40am start, 1:30pm hard cap