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US Open Ultimate Championships

City: University of Rhode Island
Date: 7/1/2016 - 7/4/2016
State: RI
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule
Women Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Event Contacts
Tournament Directors:  Jonathan Levy
Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Magagnos
Competition Manager:  Ernest Toney
Event Manager:  David Raflo
Media & Marketing:  Andy Lee
Men's Division
San Francisco Revolver
Seattle Sockeye
Boston Ironside
Chicago Machine
Madison Club
Philadelphia Patrol
Florida United
North Carolina Turbine
Oakland Guerrilla (formerly Boost FC)
Winnipeg General Strike (Canada)
Medellín Ki.ê (Colombia)
Cajicá Urutau (Colombia)
Mixed Division
Minneapolis Drag’N Thrust
Seattle Mixtape
San Francisco Polar Bears
Boston Slow White
Washington DC Ambiguous Grey
New York Metro North
Boston Wild Card
Madison NOISE
Philadelphia AMP
Toronto Union (Canada)
Team Colombia 
Team Panama 
Women’s Division
Boston Brute Squad
Seattle Riot
San Francisco Fury
Denver Molly Brown
Washington DC Scandal
New York Bent
Texas Showdown
Boston Siege
Québec Iris (Canada)
Winnipeg Fusion (Canada)

Site Rules
University of Rhode Island Athletics Facility Policies
Code of Conduct
University of Rhode Island events should be an enjoyable experience for all guests. To promote athletic excellence and fan enjoyment, we ask for your assistance in displaying a high degree of sportsmanship at all times.
*The University of Rhode Island reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed hazardous or disruptive to the athletics event or the enjoyment of the event by other guests.
All guests are subject to inspection and search for prohibited items. Event staff may examine the contents of bags, jackets, pockets, or any other personal item before admitting guests to the facility. In order to expedite entrance into the facility, it is recommended that guests not bring bags to events and arrive early at the facility gates.
The following rules shall be in effect at all times:
1. Animals are not permitted in or around athletics facilities grounds, with the exception of trained service animals for our guests with disabilities.
2. Alcoholic beverages or containers of any kind are not permitted to enter athletics facilities. Persons identified with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises. Intoxicated guests will be subject to removal from the facility.
3. Banners, signs, and flags which are placed or affixed to the ground, fences, buildings or other permanent structures are prohibited. The University or event committee reserves the right to remove any banner, sign, or flag that is in violation of the policy.
4. Items made of glass, such as bottles, flasks, vases and mirrors or other such glass material are not allowed on the grounds or fields.
5. Artificial noisemakers are prohibited unless permission has been explicitly granted through the University or event committee.
6. Do not litter: all trash must be disposed in designated trash and recycling receptacles.
7. No weapons of any kind are allowed on the grounds.
8. Charcoal or propane grills are prohibited on University grounds with the exception of permitted concession vendors. Open flames other than grills are prohibited.
9. Solicitation and distribution of non-approved items is prohibited in or around University Grounds and athletics facilities. This includes newspapers, items for sale, campaign and political items, etc.
10. No unauthorized entry on fields or facilities off-limits to the event areas. Violators will be asked to leave premises. 
11. No climbing on or jumping over fences.
12. No golfing
13. No sharp objects such as javelins, flags, or razors shall be allowed on the fields.
14. Unauthorized vehicles shall not be allowed on the fields at any time. Violators may be fined.
15. Vehicles shall be parked in designated parking lots or areas, and shall not be parked on grass or lawns at any time. Violators will be towed and may be fined.
16. Drones, and other radio controlled aircraft are prohibited over event areas unless specific permission has been granted by the University or event committee. Violators may be subject to fine and confiscation of their equipment.
17. Spectators and equipment must stay behind designated lines. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least five yards

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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The U.S. Open is one of the major events of the 2016 Triple Crown Tour, with bid priority going to teams that finished 1st-8th at the prior National Championships, as well as to international teams.
2016 U.S. Open Convention

In addition to the competition, an annual national organizer's convention is also hosted at the event with registration open to anyone interested in attending.

Girls' Ultimate Movement clinic

Girls ages 8 to 14 are encouraged to attend the free GUM clinic on Saturday, July 2 from 9:00-11:00 am! Register here.

Learn to Play clinic

Boys and girls ages 8 to 14 are invited to attend the free Learn to Play clinic on Friday, July 1 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm! Register here.

2016 U.S. Open Spectator Travel Packages

USA Ultimate has partnered with GoPlay to provide spectator travel packages to the U.S. Open Championships. Click the link provided below for ordering and details.

Broadcast Schedule
Friday, July 1 (all times E.D.T.)
 ultiworld   9:30am   Seattle Sockeye v. Madison Club
 ultiworld   11:45am   New York Metro North v. Panamá 
 ultiworld   2:00pm   San Francisco Revolver v. Boston Ironside
Saturday, July 2 (all times E.D.T.)
 ultiworld   9:30am   Minneapolis Drag’N Thrust v. Philadelphia Amp
 ultiworld   11:45am   Denver Molly Brown v. Washington DC Scandal
 ultiworld   2:00pm   Women’s Quarterfinal (Molly Brown v Fury)
Sunday, July 3 (all times E.D.T.)
Espn3   10:00am   Mixed Semifinal (Mixtape v Drag'n Thrust)
ultiworld   11:00am   Mixed Semifinal (Metro North v Slow White)*
Espn3   12:30pm   Men's Semifinal (Sockeye v Revolver)
ultiworld   1:30pm   Women’s Semifinal (Scandal v Brute Squad)*
Espn3   3:30pm   Women's Semifinal (Molly Brown v Riot)
Espn3   6:00pm   Men's Semifinal (Machine v Ironside)
Monday, July 4 (all times E.D.T.)
Espn3   10:00am   Mixed Championship (Slow White v Mixtape)
Espn3   12:30pm   Women's Championship (Riot v Brute Squad)
Espn3   3:00pm   Men's Championship (Machine v Sockeye)
         * tape delay 

July 1-4   US Open Championships   #usopenRI
July 9-10   Elite-Select Challenge   #TCTESC
July 30-31   Pro-Elite Challenge   #TCTPEC
Aug. 13-14   Select Flight Invite   #TCTSFI
Aug. 20-21   Pro Flight Finale   #TCTPFF
Sep. 29-Oct. 2   National Championships   #NationalsIL

Health, Safety and Liability Requirements - Please make sure to understand, follow, and communicate/share these requirements with all participants.

Medical & Inclement Weather Plans - Please review.