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2022 U.S. Open Club Championships

City: Blaine
Date: 8/5/2022 - 8/8/2022
State: MN
Boys Schedule
Girls Schedule
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.

Final Spirit Score Reporter


Spirit Winners:

Club Men - Emerald City

Club Mixed - NOISE

U-17 Boys - Madison MUFAbots

U-17 Girls - Oregon Tide

U-20 Boys - Madison MUFAbots

U-20 Girls - Texas Tango

U-20 Mixed - NWA White Tails


YCC Final Standings

U17 Girls:

Team Finish
Seven Hills 1st
Philadelphia Pythons 2nd
rATLers 3rd
Oregon Tide 4th
Swarm Girls 5th
Belly of the Beast! 6th
Minnesota Superior 7th

U17 Boys:

Team Finish
Minnesota Superior 1st
OAK Sparks 2nd
BUDA U17 Boys 3rd
Capitol Heights 4th
DEVYL U-17 5th
Philadelphia Padawans 6th
Oregon Eclipse 7th
Aftershock 8th
Seven Hills U17 Open 9th
Colorado Cutthroat 10th
NC Hammer 11th
Utah Swarm 12th
Michigan Stubble 13th
Davis Spokes 14th
ATLas 15th
Nightmare 16th
Madison MUFAbots 17th
Texas Double Trouble 18th
Lucky PuNCs 19th
Flying Piglet 20th

U20 Girls:

Teams Finish
Oregon Downpour 1st
Utah Swarm 2nd
Rip Tide 3rd
cATLanta 4th
Seven Hills 5th
Philly Girl Phang 6th
Warhawks 7th
Minnesota Superior 9th
BUDA 10th
Colorado Cutthroat 11th
Texas Tango 12th
Bullseye and CA Current 13th
Rogue 14th
Madison MUFAbots 15th

U20 Boys DI:

Team Finish
Utah Swarm 1st
smOAK 2nd
BUDA 3rd
Minnesota Superior 4th
Triforce 5th
ATLiens 6th
Oregon Trainwreck 7th
Seven Hills 8th
Charlotte Flight 9th
COSmic 10th
Texas United 11th
Phildelphia SEPDA 12th
Rising Tide 13th
Foggy Bottom Boys 14th
DEVYL 15th
Red Dawn 16th

U20 Boys DII:

Team Finish
Villains 1st
Red Hots 2nd
Colorado Cutthroat 3rd
Connecticut Harpoon 4th
Moon Pigs 5th
Madison MUFABbots 6th
Flying Pig 7th
Birds of Play 8th
Carolina Sky 9th
Metro 10th
Rochester Chill 11th



10:00am - We have the all clear to return to the fields. Official start time for Round 1 games is 10:30am. Please start them as close to that time as possible. All other games, with the exception of Adult Club Semis are delayed 2 hours. New round times are as follows and will be reflected soon in the online schedule.

Round 1 - 10:30am, Round 2 - 12:45pm, Round 3 - 3:30pm, Round 4 - 5:45pm

Adult Club semi-finals are rescheduled for a 1 hour delay. 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, 9:00pm. 


8:00am - Games will start no earlier than 10:30am. Next update to come by 9:00am.

Adult Club semi-finals are being rescheduled for a 1 hour delay. 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, 9:00pm. 


7:00am - Due to incoming weather, games have been delayed and will start no earlier than 9:30am. Next update to come by 8:00am.


Game Schedules

(The PDF schedules below have NOT been updated to reflect the weather delays on Saturday, 8/6. Please refer to the red schedule links above or to the USA Ultimate app for updated game times.)


Club Mixed Division

Club Men's Division


Under-20 Mixed Division

Under-20 Girls' Division

Under-20 Boys' Division

Under-17 Girls' Division

Under-17 Boys' Division


General Event Schedule Notes

• Friday, 6:00-8:00 pm – BIPOC Showcase game and Q and A on field near main HQ (likely 15 or 16)

• Saturday, 5:30-7:30 pm – GUM Ball in the big white tent inside the stadium next to the field

• Saturday – Discraft Dinner buffet in Welcome Center on the north end of the stadium

• Players, coaches, and chaperones need to bring their tickets for dinner. Please make sure you distribute them!

• Please eat in the stadium and enjoy the action!

• Volunteers and staff will be given priority for dinner, and are welcome to get their dinner at any time between 4:45-8:15pm so that they can resume their duties as quickly as possible.

▪ Volunteers and staff will not need to wait in line for dinner.

• Dinner for participants will be served in two shifts, as follows:

• Shift 1 - 4:45-6:15 pm:

▪ To better facilitate participation in the GUM Ball, all female-identifying athletes, coaches, and chaperones are encouraged to get their dinners early. As the GUM Ball will have some interactive games and activities this year, please try and eat before you arrive, although there will be some tables to hang out.

▪ Athletes and coaches from the teams in the 8:00pm semifinal game will also be given priority for dinner.

• Shift 2 - 6:30-8:15 pm – all remaining athletes, coaches, and chaperones are welcome to get their dinners.

• Saturday, 7:00 – 9:00pm – Discraft Trade Night in the stadium. Discraft Trade Night activities will be in Stadium Sections 6-8.


  • No alcohol except for what is offered at the NSC.
  • No tobacco.
  • No glass.
  • No pets.
  • No firearms or weapons
  • No abusive language
  • Observe parking restrictions and handicap/staff spots
  • Spectators and equipment must stay at least five yards away from sidelines. Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least five yards.


Local Organizing Committee Staff

Tournament Director – Tyler Smith

Co-volunteer Coordinator – Kristina Golling & Louise Beck

Head Scorekeeper – Mike Helmecki

Scorekeeping Assistant – Cody Rondeau

Spirit of the Game Assistant – Brian Edgerton

Statistics Assistants/HQ Floaters – Eric Andersen and Travis Smith

Minnesota Ultimate – Jake McKean

USA Ultimate Staff

Managing Director, Athlete & National Team Programs – Will Deaver

Manager, Athlete & National Team Programs (Youth) – Dana Jefferson

Manager, Athlete & National Team Programs (Club) – Marc Zigterman

Manager, Events – David Raflo

Manager, Events – Byron Hicks

Director, Member Services & Community Development – Stacey Waldrup

Manager, Youth & Outreach Programs – Sarah Nurmi

Manager, Youth & Education Programs – Sam Callan

Manager, Community Development – Leah Dolan-Kelley

Managing Director, Marketing, Communications & Brand – Andy Lee

Joy Ferenbaugh

Regional Youth Directors – Tulsa Douglas, Fran Kelley, Joe Strong, Jamie Wolf

Public Address Announcer – Steve Dunn


Carl Nelson (Head Observer), Alan Baggish, Bill Bourret, Brian Bradburn, Dylan Bradford, Mitch Dengler, Josh Drury, Michael Ferguson, Eric Gustafson, Chris Hazzi, Amy Kendziorski, Gregory O’Connor, Steven Ogdahl, Paul Otto, Rebekah Seyfert, Joey Tillman, Chris Vanni, Stephen Wang, Daniel Wong

Medical Staff

Alex Senk, MD (Medical Director); Jessica Casey, MD, Caroline Gormley, DO, Kathy Guo, MD, Haley Hicks, DO, Sarah Mahasin, MD, Micheala McCarthy, MD, Aldo Salgado Hernandez, MD, Kersten Schwanz, MD, Mark Volker, MD & Medical Students:  Marchus Babcock, Erin Chappius, Niklas Damberg, Logan Davis, Lauren Penz, Jesse Smith, Jordan Treder

Special Thanks:  Minnesota Ultimate, Twin Cities Gateway, National Sports Center, Discraft, NSC Travel/Site Search


Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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Tournament Medical and Inclement Weather Plan


Spirit of the Game


Youth Participation Requirements 


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