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Chicago, Illinois

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Stackcats is four years old this season, and excited to be of age for Ultimate Kindergarten (where we learn to share the disc). We are a competitive team, but we always keep in mind that we play ultimate to have fun. Our goals are to build team cohesion over several seasons, and to support each individual player's growth and improvement as well as the team's. We value positive attitudes, good spirit, and playing great ultimate. And palindromes. If you like to play hard and have a great time we are the team for you.

Player Roster

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 Kyle Brooks Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'7"
 Samantha Thompson Cutter 
 Samantha Swank   
0Sara Putnam Cutter5'6"
0Vincent Curkov Handler6'0"
0Julian Huvaere Cutter5'4"
0Laramie Aspegren H Handler6'2"
0Lorien VanZwieten Handler5'4"
0Mark Valzonis Cutter5'11"
0Matt Tansley   
0Michael Hyland  5'10"
0Monica Oplawski   
0Oreste (Rusty) Scioscia Jr Handler1'0"
0Alexis McIlrath Handler/Cutter 
0Andrew Gubernick   
0Anthony Oplawski   
0Ashley Betke Handler5'6"
0Ashley Wagner Cutter5'7"
0Christopher Thomas   
0Denny Gisler Handler5'9"
0Elizabeth Thorsell Cutter5'7"
0Halley McLean   
0Jackson Todd   
13David Lindsey Cutter6'0"
29Talia Brewer Cutter 
57Jonathan Alton Handler5'8"
72Zaray Buenrostro Mid5'8"