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Coalition Ultimate

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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We are a mixed team out of the Twin Cities that is looking challenge the regional teams and have fun!!

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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 Scott Schultz Handler5'10"
 Jacob Johnson Cutter 
0Mariah Dorner Cutter 
0Tyler Latham Cutter 
0Cole Edgell Handler5'9"
0Joseph Sheehan Cutter 
0Rebecca Henry Cutter5'3"
0Evan Ford Cutter6'0"
0Paul Lapham Cutter 
0Marcus Cannon Cutter6'2"
0Eleanor Heberlein Cutter5'5"
0Taylor Krzmarcik Cutter 
0Abby Jacobson Cutter 
0Isabelle Wolf Cutter5'3"
0Jennifer Degen Handler 
0Andrew Cotter Handler4'10"
10Josiah Moore Handler6'2"
19Gavin Sunde Handler 
21Cody Rondeau Handler6'4"
23Clancy Ferris Handler5'0"
34Caty Ferris Schultz Cutter6'9"
43Michael Loper Cutter