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James Madison-B (Smellfish)

Harrisonburg, Virginia

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The younger, less experienced and startlingly more attractive half of the Hellfish. If you like a spirited, long-shot, unwashed, raw-talent team, look no further.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Nicholas Albright CutterCollege (SR) 6'9"
0Sayeed Khan Cutter  
0Edward Carbaugh Cutter  
0Colin Alexander Handler/CutterCollege (FR)6'1"
0Joel Tigges MidCollege (FR)5'10"
0David Rigby Deep 5'11"
0MICHAEL NIHEN HandlerCollege (FR)6'2"
0Alexander Williamson HandlerCollege (SR) 5'9"
0Alec Minan Cutter  
0Wil Andahazy Cutter  
0Samuel Bean Handler/CutterCollege (SO)5'8"
0James Cooper CutterCollege (JR)6'0"
0Zachary LeMorta Cutter  
0Mitchell Hesse Deep  
0Ned Sieverts Handler/Cutter 1'0"
0Joseph Heller Handler/Cutter  
0Neil Roberts    
0Jonathan Fosbury CutterCollege (SR) 6'2"
0Joe Aubry    
0Alex Lesser Handler/Cutter 5'10"
0Alexander Barry CutterCollege (FR)5'6"
0Maxwell Cannon  College (SR) 6'3"
0Peter Ko Handler  
0Chris Kazanjian Handler  
0Patrick King Defense (Handler)College (SR) 3'6"
0KEITH CARPENTER Defense (Cutter)  
0Joe Grabowski CutterCollege (FR)5'7"
0Michael Knez Defense (Cutter)College (SO)6'5"
0Jonathan Payne Cutter  
0Clint Dodson Deep  
0BRAD WHITE Defense (Cutter/Handler)  
0Kyle Jenkins Handler/Cutter  
0Edison Rolle II Cutter 5'10"
0Trent Tolley Handler/CutterCollege (SR) 6'0"
77Jake Boles HandlerCollege (SR) 5'10"