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Portland, Oregon

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Angela Tocchi
Schwa is Portland's elite women's ultimate team. We strive to play hard and have fun both on and off the field. After forming in 1995, Schwa went to Nationals in nine of its first ten seasons and played for the championship in three of those appearances, helping establish the Northwest as the most formidable region in the women’s division. Not only the dedication of our players, but also the tenacity and skills of all of our Northwest neighbors have helped us grow into the team we are today. We are proud to represent the name Schwa, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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00Katie Weatherhead Handler1'0" 2 2
01Seraphie Allen  5'8"
02Makena Strand    1 3
04Emily Flock    1
05Kimber Coles    3 1
06Demri Horton    1 2
07Shea Brennan T Handler5'2" 1 7
08Eva Popp S/T    2 3
09Brenna Bailey S    1 2
12Mariel Hammond    4 7
16Kristen Rosenblum  5'9"
16Jenica Villamor Handler5'7" 2
18Julia Sherwood S Handler 
19Georgina Tetlow S/T  5'4" 1 3
22Natalie Hancock S Handler5'2" 1 3
24Aubri Bishop S   
25Lauren Truxillo  1'0" 2 2
26Shaelynn Davis Mid5'4" 1
27Elizabeth Longmire    2
28Shannon Dennehy S/T  5'6" 1
37Rebecca Perston Handler/Cutter5'8" 1 6
47Madeleine Franz    5 1
55Emery Otopalik Cutter5'7" 1
70Morgan Caldwell    4
77Strat Stratton T    1
99Noelle Takahashi  5'6" 1 1