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Seattle Riot

Seattle, Washington

Competition Level:
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Gwen Ambler (Head Coach)
Rohre Titcomb (Head Coach)
Captains: Seattle Riot is the reigning world champion after winning gold and spirit at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy. Excellence | Trust | Love

Player Roster

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 Calise Cardenas Deep 
 Kelly Johnson Handler 
 Lucia Williams S   
 Molly Sinnott   
 Paige Soper S Handler 
 Qxhna Titcomb Handler5'7"
 Sarah Griffith S Deep5'5"
0Samantha Rodenberg S/T Cutter1'0" 6 2
10Shira Stern S Cutter5'5" 4 2
11Nora Landri Handler/Cutter  2
14Hana Kawai Deep  5 4
15Bailey Zahniser Cutter  1
16Cassandra Swafford S Handler/Cutter  2 2
17Dominique Fontenette Mid  2 5
18Madeline Gilbert Cutter1'0"
20Kristin (Charlie) Eide S/T Handler/Cutter5'7" 1 3
21Molly McKeon T Deep5'5"
22Jack Verzuh H Dump6'1" 2 4
23Aimie Kawai Cutter  4 1
24Sarah Davis S/T Handler  5
25Alyssa Weatherford S/T Handler5'5" 2 6
27Julia Snyder Handler  3 4
29Lindsey Wilson    5 1
31Stephanie Lim Handler  4 3
37Claire Trop S  5'6" 5 2
77Jillian Goodreau S Mid  1
81Charlie Mercer S/T Mid  2 3