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Québec, Quebec CA

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Values: Proud, United, Brave. Year of creation: 2015. The blue flag iris is a species native to North America. In 1999, the iris was chosen as the floral emblem of Quebec to replace the white lily, which is not inherent to the province. After Hydro and Aéra junior teams, Iris is the first Quebec senior women's team officially supported by the FQU to have been created. Supported by several top female players across the province, Audrey St-Arnaud (Nova, Qub, Onyx, Team Canada) and Marianne Pilon (Qub) were the instigators of the project that was formalized during the annual meeting of the Federation in autumn 2015.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Caitlin Fowler S Cutter 
0Catherine Carrier   
0Chloé Emond   
0Gabrielle Comtois   
0Julia Biris Cutter 
0Florence Dionne   
0Marina Beaudoin   
0Pénélope Robert   
1Virginie Côté Cutter5'10"
2Laure Drouin-Jacques Handler5'6"
3Virginie Maltais   
4Marie Genest   
5Alexandra Abboud   
13Melissa Dunbar Cutter5'4"
15Shaunagh Howard   
16Marie-Ève Beauchemin   
18Elsa Chu Defense (Cutter) 
21Diana Trinh Handler 
22Alisha Zhao   
25Corine Masse Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'9"
27Nyna Prevost   
29Amélie Bergeron  1'0"
30Marie-Andrée Pambrun Defense (Cutter)5'5"
44Catherine Poirier   
70Gabrielle Ouellet