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Bay Area, California

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Nightlock is an elite women's club ultimate team in the Bay Area in CA. Follow along in our fight to be VICTORS as we take the Gamemakers, Careers, & ultimately, the Series, by storm! Nightlock entered the scene in 2012 with no fear, no reputation and no jerseys - a dangerous combination for their competitors at The Capitol. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Eliza Chang Cutter5'6"
0Maggie O'Connor   
0Manisha Daryani   
0Megan Pera   
2Marisa Rafter S Handler 
4Claire Leichter   
9Audrey Lyman S Cutter1'0"
10Angela Aie Handler  3 1 2 2
11Iris Leung Cutter  5 1 1
14Emily Kolanz Cutter  2 3
15Alison Griffith S Cutter5'8"
19Adrienne Lemberger S Cutter  3 3 2 1
21Alexandra Hasan S Cutter5'8" 5 3
22Kaitlin Swinnerton S Handler 
23Sabrina Ciccarelli S Handler1'0" 1 7 2
24Natasha Won Handler5'3" 2
27Kira Lou Cutter1'0" 2 4 1
42Jackelyne Nguyen Cutter 
44Kara Hammer   
84Hallie Dunham S/T Handler5'5"
89Kimberly Long S  5'5"