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Molly Brown

Denver/Boulder, Colorado

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A new elite women’s ultimate team was formed in 2010, in an attempt by Denver/Boulder-area women’s ultimate players to put together a superstar roster of players in the area. After roughly 39,201 lines of Google spreadsheet doc debate, the team name was cemented: a tribute to a 20th century Colorado badass suffragette and survivor Maggie “Molly” Brown.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Bert Cherry S/T Defense (Handler)5'6"
0Chip Chang  1'0"
0Melissa Devlin S   
0Rachel Wilmoth S   
0Sophie Taylor   
0Stephanie Pritchard S  5'8"
2Jesse Shofner   
4Liza Minor S   
5Nhi Nguyen S  5'5"
6Samantha Peletier S   
7Paige Applegate  5'7"
11Megan Henderson S  5'3"
12Liz Narmour  5'5" 1 2
13Alika Johnston  5'4" 2 2
15Sara Taggart    3 5 1
18Manuela Cardenas S   
21Chelsea Twohig  5'6"
22Allysha "Pulp Diction" Dixon S  5'3" 1 1 1
26Lisa Pitcaithley S  3'5" 2 6 3
31Emma Capra S  5'6"
44Stacy Gaskill S    3 1 1
52Claire Chastain    3 13 1 8
65Megan Ives S Handler/Cutter5'6" 1
88Veronica Eder Handler5'10"