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Madison, Wisconsin

Competition Level:
Grand Masters
Gender Division:
A motley crew of stags who've survived their 30's with enough ligaments in tact to continue throwing a plastic disc around a field.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Tristan McKittrick Handler6'0"
02Edward Kaul H Handler/Cutter2'0"
03Dan Boston Handler/Cutter 
05Christopher Qualle Handler/Cutter5'10"
06Patrick Guarasci Handler/Cutter 
08Kevin DeCoux Mid 
09Grant Zukowski Handler/Cutter 
10Michael Hixenbaugh Cutter5'9"
11Jon Thibedeau Dump5'11"
13Darren Shultz H Cutter6'2"
17Adam Zingsheim Cutter6'3"
19Mike Bevers Handler/Cutter5'10"
20Thomas Boehm Handler/Cutter1'0"
21John Schaefer Cutter 
24Eric Sherman Cutter6'3"
25Dustin Lowery Handler/Cutter6'8"
27Sam Wood H Cutter5'4"
29Nate Thibedeau Cutter 
34Christopher Olig H Handler6'3"
35Scott Sawinski Handler6'1"
44Jadon Scullion Handler/Cutter 
61John Reynolds Handler/Cutter5'11"
82Logan Campbell H/T Mid5'9"
86Michael Leung Cutter 
88Nathaniel Volkman Handler/Cutter