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Athens, Georgia

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"Time can never mend The careless whispers of a good friend" We'll never forget you JoeMo

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00Bailey Lawson Cutter5'4"
02Andrew Thai Defense (Cutter)5'11"
02Martha Wilber Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'11"
03Emma Jones Handler 
10Javid Aceil H Handler/Cutter 
11Alysa Miles Defense (Cutter)5'2"
14Jake Powell Handler/Cutter5'8"
17Elle Mayer S Handler/Cutter1'0"
19Henry Siebentritt Defense (Handler) 
21Jared Bennett Defense (Cutter/Handler)6'1"
25Robert Hunt Handler/Cutter5'9"
31Ariba Lakhani S Cutter5'5"
33Jack Stephenson Handler6'1"
35Ryan Hill Handler/Cutter5'11"
38Anna Gustafson Defense (Cutter) 
46Hunter Cutts Cutter6'5"
75Victor Pria H Cutter10'11"
81Patrick Trent Handler/Cutter 
83Carter Rathur Cutter1'0"
86Nick Riker H Cutter 
87Sam Batson H Handler/Cutter 
88Zach Brennan Defense (Cutter) 
93Molly Schneider S Handler/Cutter5'4"
99Marie Perivier Handler/Cutter