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Johnny Bravo

Colorado, Colorado

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Joseph Durst (Head Coach)
Tim Kefalas (Head Coach)
Michael Lun (Head Coach)
Johnny Bravo was founded in 1996 by Dan Ackerstein, Wes Williams and Dan "Jello" Revelle. The team was founded on vengeance by castoffs from the top Boulder-area team. Soon Bravo overtook their rivals and began their reign as the top elite team in Colorado. By cultivating a strong relationship with local college teams and drawing top talent from across the nation, Johnny Bravo grew from a national afterthought, to a perennial quarterfinalist, to a national champion team. Bravo is remade each year by players who recognize that natural talent and athleticism can get you to the next level, but hard work and brotherhood make a team transcendent.

Player Roster

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0Alex Atkins   
02Jay Froude   
03Jackson Cochran H Mid5'8"
04Felix Pronove Dump1'4"
05Elliott Erickson H Dump5'8"
06Erik Hotaling H  1'0"
07Matt Bristol Defense (Cutter)5'9"
08Cole Wallin Dump7'8"
10Calvin Stoughton   
11Seth Faris H Deep6'3"
12Justin Abel   
15Dennison Bechis   
18Daniel Landesman  '"
22Thomas Brewster   
24Mathieu Agee H Deep6'3"
25Conor Tabor   
26Daniel Brunker Dump 
29Sandy Brown H Dump6'5"
34Cody Spicer Defense (Cutter)6'2"
35Todd Wolma Dump6'1"
42Ben Lohre   
45Will Lohre   
75Matt Jackson Deep5'8"
81Nathan Buchholz  6'1"
88Quinn Finer Dump6'0"
99Alex Tatum