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Seattle, Washington

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Summer club team that primarily serves as a place for members of DYU's college team to get club experience against some of the very best teams in the PNW.

Player Roster

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 Chris Bubernak  6'0"
 Spencer Lofink Handler6'3"
 Robert Geer   
 Tomas Delgado  3'6"
 Owen Freed Cutter6'3"
0Gabe Port Mid5'10"
0Jeff Zhao  5'10"
0Beeman Rabut   
0Michael Sylvester Cutter6'0"
0Porter Jones Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'10"
0Manuel Eckert Handler6'2"
0June Rapisura   
0Jakob Steen   
10Theodore Laws   
12William Coffin    1 2 1
18Robert Farwell  5'10"
21Lucas Chen  1'0" 2 3 1 1
23Dennis Casio Deep7'11" 3 2
24Daniel Mah  5'11" 3 2
34Nicholas Roberts Handler5'9" 1 6 2
35Justin Ting Handler/Cutter5'8"
46Ryan Sturm Dump8'4" 1 1
48Jake Ritmire Handler6'1" 1 1
52Chris Vandervoort Deep6'4" 1 1
79Robby Perkins-High   
84Jonathan Stacey    1 1
97Zack Smith Handler5'9"