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James Madison-B (Smellfish)

Harrisonburg, Virginia

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The younger, less experienced and startlingly more attractive half of the Hellfish. If you like a spirited, long-shot, unwashed, raw-talent team, look no further.

Player Roster

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0Christopher King Handler  
0Ellis Lar-Moore Cutter  
0Eric Van Valkenburgh Cutter  
0Jackson Packard CutterCollege (SO)6'3"
0john beglane Handler/Cutter 6'3"
0Joseph Berrettini CutterCollege (FR)5'7"
0Kyle Wedemeyer CutterCollege (FR)5'10"
0Kyle Miller Cutter  
0Logan Roddy Cutter  
0Mark Trella Cutter  
0Mason Ong Cutter  
0Samuel Dimitri Cutter  
0Sebastian Cross Cutter  
0Zachary Ratcliffe Cutter  
05Jonathan Fosbury Defense (Cutter)College (SR) 6'2"
06Alexander Williamson DumpCollege (SR) 5'9"
08Luke Morello Defense (Cutter)College (FR)5'7"
10Homer Eliades Cutter  
21Jake Hamlin Cutter  
23Cullen Kircher CutterCollege (SO)5'11"
24Lucas Summers CutterCollege (SO)6'0"
28Michael Kocher Defense (Handler)College (SO)5'11"
29Nicholas Macke CutterCollege (SR) 6'5"
35Mitchell Sasser Handler  
36Jake MacLean CutterCollege (FR)1'0"
42Vincent Mazzie Cutter  
49Anthony Rollin Defense (Cutter)  
69Josh Abbott Cutter  
70Patrick Foreman CutterCollege (FR)5'11"
71Matthew Sasser HandlerCollege (JR)6'1"
74Edison Rolle II Cutter 5'10"
79Lachlan Hudson Handler/CutterCollege (SO)5'11"
88grant gilden Defense (Cutter)  
95Mason Randolph CutterCollege (FR)6'1"