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Dallas, Texas

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The latest addition to the Dallas United organization, Nitro is the top men's team coming from Dallas.

Player Roster

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 Ashton Lewis Defense (Cutter) 
 Blake Duncan H Handler 
 Bryan Hoffman H Handler5'10"
 Darius Tse Defense (Cutter)5'11"
 Emmanuel Bilolo Defense (Cutter)6'0"
 Preston Howell Cutter6'3"
 Ryan Kyle Defense (Handler) 
 Tyler Criss H Cutter5'9"
 Wesley Miaw Cutter 
0Jason Christian Defense (Handler)1'0"
13Steven Borik Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'8"
15Jason Dick Handler 
17Zachary Slayton Defense (Cutter) 
20Javier Oliver Defense (Cutter) 
21Josh Cunningham Defense (Cutter)6'2"
22Scott Zachary Mid 
23Kevin Bowman Defense (Cutter) 
25George Lampron H Handler5'11"
26Caleb Dixon H Defense (Handler)3'9"
32Joseph Welkener Defense (Cutter) 
33Michael Wilson Defense (Handler)6'0"
43Peter Rangel Handler/Cutter5'10"
54Travis Bieda H Defense (Handler)6'0"
81Colin Doescher Cutter 
89Jack Wooldridge Cutter6'0"
97Christopher Fogel Defense (Cutter)6'0"
99Tanner Roberts H Deep6'2"