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Rensselaer Polytech (Trudge)

Troy, New York

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RPI's Trudge is one of the oldest College teams and we carry with us a reputation of determination and enthusiasm. We are a team with a rich history and a strong alumni base and we hope to make an impact on the Metro East region this year.

Player Roster

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 Alexander Curreri HandlerCollege (SO)6'1"
 Ciaran Young    
 Euan McInally  College (GR)5'7"
 Henk Humes HandlerCollege (SO)10'11"
 James Veitengruber    
 Jeffrey Brewer    
 Jonathan Pizzo  Elementary School (K)6'9"
 Michael Wentworth Defense (Cutter/Handler)College (FR)10'0"
 Victor Chen H   1'0"
0Timothy Newman Defense (Cutter/Handler)College (SR) 6'0"
0Kevin Park    
0DAVID ROSENBERG  College (SR) 5'6"
10Andrew Kerns    
11Emet Schwartz MidElementary School (K)5'0"
12Spencer Holt    
13Devin Malanaphy H HandlerElementary School (1st grade)1'1"
15Justin Melkun   7'5"
16Alexander Smith CutterCollege (FR)5'8"
17Pierre Fabris    
18Christoper Duffy  College (FR)6'4"
19Robert Van Ness Defense (Cutter)College (JR)5'11"
20Patrick Sullivan  College (FR)5'10"
21Lachlan Moore  College (SO)6'2"
23Seth Judson    
24David Tamir    
25Thomas Flynn    
26Will King    
27Sachel Davis-Delano  High School (12th Grade)5'8"
28Sacha Kaiser  Elementary School (3rd grade)6'0"
29Kyle Heintz    
30Alain Hwang    
31Steven Breeding    
33Adam Pomeranz    
34Zach Biletch    
35Matthew Bisson Defense (Cutter)College (FR)5'10"
36Andrew Yale CutterCollege (GR)6'2"
37Alec Krasinski    
39Bryan Dessner HandlerHigh School (12th Grade)6'3"
44Adam Morgan    
47Ian Chamberlain DumpCollege (JR)5'6"
53Huntington Gazecki H    
57Andrew D'Aoust  College (FR)6'5"
58Matthew Weinstock-Collins    
64Adam Alper    
67Parker Webb    
73Mark Hansen Defense (Cutter)College (JR)6'2"
74Greg Berube    
77Francis Santoso    
79Peter Ko H    
81Emmett Williamson    
88Philip Kamei H  Elementary School (K)10'11"
96Dane Bush