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Derby City Thunder

Louisville, Kentucky

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Thunder continually strives to build an atmosphere of high-level competition, fun, and great Spirit. Our team is made of individuals who are accountable to each other and to the culture we build together. We value players of all ages, genders, and skill levels, and we respect that each player has a unique role on the team. In addition, Thunder fosters a growing Ultimate community in the Greater Louisville area.

Player Roster

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0Brittney Tooker   
0Carter Hawkins   
0Hannah Clark   
0Hannah Buckley   
0Joseph Dininger   
0Joshua McHargue   
0Katherine Meyer   
0Michael Ray   
0Rachel Huster   
0Ray Yeager Handler5'8"
0Rebecca Custis   
0Regina Carrico   
0Zach Halcomb   
2Nathan Huster Defense (Cutter)5'10"
2James Marsh Deep6'1"
3Raymond Palazzo Defense (Handler)5'9"
3Rae Van Sandt Defense (Cutter)5'4"
8Conor King Defense (Cutter)5'11"
10Justin Wilson Dump1'0"
17Amanda Gellhaus Handler/Cutter5'6"
17Rachel Barr S  5'3"
19Andrew Bessin Defense (Handler)6'1"
37Seth Pierce Defense (Handler)6'0"
44Trenton Schroeder Dump6'4"
49Matt Rosenfield Cutter6'2"