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Madison, Wisconsin

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Kelsen Alexander
Heist provides opportunities for female athletes to learn, grow and compete, while building community in the Midwest. We 1) are committed to growth in ourselves and our community ; 2) value competitiveness and SOTG; 3) are invested in ourselves and the team. We center around the values of integrity, intensity and investment. 5-time qualifier for the USA Ultimate Club Championships. Pro Flight Team in the Triple Crown Tour for 2017.

Player Roster

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02Sabrina Hoffman Cutter5'6" 1 2 2
04Robyn Fennig S Handler5'6" 4 1 3
07Austin Prucha Cutter  2 1
08Adrienne Wells Cutter 
10Alison Vandegrift Cutter5'9"
11Melissa Gibbs S Handler/Cutter5'7" 2 1 2
13Brittney Kokinos Handler/Cutter5'3" 1
14Rachel Enyeart S Handler/Cutter5'5"
16Margaret Walker Handler/Cutter5'8" 1
19Jasmine Draper-Matthew Handler/Cutter  1
20Lauren Perucco S/T Cutter5'5" 2 1
21Anneke Vermaak S Handler5'7" 1
22Kayla Patterson Cutter5'6" 1
23Anna Williams S Handler/Cutter5'6"
24Camila Flowerman S Cutter5'9"
26Emily Langland S Handler5'2" 1 2
27Bryn Martyna Cutter 
30Jean Huang S Handler5'7" 1
35Sarah Anciaux Handler/Cutter 
37Yuna Iwaoka Handler/Cutter 
40Amelia Cuarenta S Handler/Cutter5'6" 1
41Rebecca Roden Cutter 
44Hannah Frank Handler/Cutter  1
49Karen Hatch Handler/Cutter