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Johns Hopkins (Dangerzone)

Baltimore, Maryland

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Marshall Lian (Head Coach)
Kay Smith is the associate registrar in charge of graduate and undergraduate registration. She will probably be the person most helpful in verifying the enrollment of the team. The email above is the one our university directs all enrollment inquiries to.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Abdelrahman Abdullah    
0Christopher Lo    
0Daniel Naiman    
0Daniel Wen    
0Eric McAlexander    
0Garrett Gregory    
0Irfaan Karim H    
0Jeffrey Zhou   1'0"
0Jeremy Schwartz    
0Jesse Alonzo    
0Justin Waltrip HandlerCollege (SO)5'9"
0Kevin Hom H  High School (12th Grade)6'9"
0Lance Kotler Handler  
0Nelson Shi    
0Quinn Hauck H    
0Ishmeal Lee    
0Vincent Rizzari    
1Kevin Zhang Mid  
3Ethan Underweiser HandlerCollege (GR)5'9"
4Daniel Leongomez DeepCollege (SO)6'9"
4Jed Cohen H Defense (Handler)College (SR) 6'0"
10Tanuj Alapati CutterCollege (FR)6'1"
11Simon Allocca H Defense (Cutter)College (SO)2'4"
13Kyle Fisher DumpCollege (SO)6'9"
16Pio Kim DeepCollege (SO)5'6"
18Julian Ching Hei Chow H  College (FR)6'0"
19Benjamin Schlesinger   1'0"
22Aiden Willis  College (SR) 5'7"
22Julia Richardson S  College (JR)6'1"
56Jimmy Clarke H DumpHigh School (12th Grade)5'5"