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Old #7

Lynchburg, Tennessee

Competition Level:
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Mixed Masters team out of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL

Player Roster

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00Matthew Gallin Handler 
01Josiah Gamble Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
02Michael Guiles, Jr Dump 
11E.C. Gibbs Cutter 
12Colleen Wright Handler5'8"
13Andy Sieja H Handler6'2"
14Jenny Newby S Cutter5'7"
15Phil Mantel Dump 
16Patrick Hard Cutter 
18Mariana Rodríguez S Cutter5'8"
19Grant Gardner Cutter 
22Cameron Heck Handler/Cutter 
25Sara Gibson S Handler/Cutter 
26Wade Pettus Cutter 
32Jake Wright Handler/Cutter6'0"
34Ray Davenport Mid 
42Andy Barnhart H Dump6'0"
43Kayla Ferguson Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
47Stacie Coleman Cutter5'4"
50Sean Allan Defense (Cutter)6'5"
54Heather Gardner Cutter 
70Barbie Wright S Cutter 
82Amy Guiles Cutter 
92Victor Wu Handler 
96Mark Ullom Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'9"
98Maureen Gleason Defense (Cutter)