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Ottawa (GeeGees)

Ottawa, Ontario CA

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The University of Ottawa has a strong women's program among Canadian universities, with juniors and women's club programs in surrounding cities where several student-athletes have developed and continue to develop skills outside of the college circuit. The team is diverse in skills and interests, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming like family. We're always excited for tournaments and take each one as a learning experience to grow from.

Player Roster

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0Ainsley Shannon S Cutter  
02Abby Millar Handler/Cutter  
04Laura Ayres Handler/Cutter  
08Taylor Stanojev Handler/Cutter 5'9"
09Isabella Sun Cutter  
11Gwyneth Ross Handler/Cutter  
12Kristen Beange CutterCollege (GR)5'3"
19Anne-Martine Doucet Handler/Cutter  
21Dominique Martel-Lamothe Cutter  
22Kaylee O'Connor-Bergeron Cutter  
29Bayley Quinn Cutter  
34Ashley Benard-Legris Cutter  
37Andrea Sim Handler  
39Cassandra Jaffray S Handler 5'4"
41Christina Torok Handler/Cutter  
43Anna Blinder Handler/Cutter  
45Ingrid Bryson Cutter 5'11"
72CAMILLE BEDARD Handler/Cutter  
92Anika Gnaedinger Handler  
98Sophia Stavropoulos Cutter