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Indiana Pterodactyl Attack (IPA)

Clarksville, Indiana

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Indiana Pterodactyl Attack is a first year team based out of Southern Indiana. As a first year team, our goals are to develop the Southern Indiana club scene and lay the foundations for a continued mixed team. We believe in developing our players and our youth, playing with the upmost of spirit, and having a blast doing it! Come see us soar, KAWWWW!

Player Roster

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 Colter Jonas   
 Michael Carlino   
0Paul Darling  6'0"
0Donald Ullery   
0Emery Jonas   
0Isaac Baumgartle   
0Jadyn Vessels  4'11"
0Jamie Waller   
0Jarin Bailey Cutter5'11"
0Kathleen Rasmussen   
0Katie Peters   
0Katie Broom   
0Laronta Murray Cutter5'11"
0Manuel Urquilla   
0Adam Togami Cutter 
0Ashton Beach   
0Bethani Massey Defense (Cutter)5'8"
0Brandon Hoke   
0Christopher Fletcher   
0Sagan Massey   
0Travis Drake   
0Travis Martin Handler/Cutter5'10"
0Vathana Chan   
13Russell Hoon Handler