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Grand Valley State (Lakers)

Allendale, Michigan

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This is a new team. We have become more affiliated with GVSU now.

Player Roster

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0Christopher Kisner Cutter  
01Mason Paul CutterCollege (SO)6'4"
02Justin Perticone CutterCollege (FR)5'11"
03Logan Bollaert HandlerCollege (SO)5'6"
05Jon Bale CutterCollege (SR) 6'3"
06Keegan Zemper Cutter  
07Jeremy Pigula Cutter  
09John Akers CutterCollege (SO)5'6"
10Matthew Nelson Handler  
11Robert Decook Handler  
13Ben Magro Cutter  
15Adam Heiss Cutter  
16Neson Nesmith Handler/Cutter  
17Connor Lukas H Handler/CutterCollege (JR)5'11"
20Zach Jawahir Defense (Cutter/Handler)College (JR)6'1"
22ANDREW WADAGA HandlerCollege (SR) 5'11"
62Matt Laylin Defense (Handler)  
69Ryan Muliett Handler  
88Mark Whitton Cutter 6'4"
96Phillip Zauel Cutter  
97Jason Sharnas Cutter  
98Michael Durand Handler