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Central Arkansas Surge

North Little Rock, Arkansas

Competition Level:
Gender Division:
This the Men's/Open team for the Central AR Surge Mixed team due to insufficient ladies.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Kyle Walker Defense (Handler) 
1Allen Deaver Defense (Handler) 
2Isaac Deaver Defense (Handler) 
3Eriq Deaver Handler5'9"
6Pete Mccollough Defense (Cutter) 
7Mason Keeling Deep6'1"
8Adam Asberry Cutter 
10Anthony Farnam Defense (Handler)5'10"
11Taylor Phillips Defense (Cutter) 
13Reed James Handler 
13Grant Elliott Defense (Cutter)6'0"
14Alexandra Mitchell Cutter 
17Heather Downs Cutter5'4"
20Ryan Reynolds Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'11"
23Jackson Langhout Cutter 
27Jessica Garrett Cutter 
32Ronald Short Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'10"
34Lexi Robbins S Handler5'5"
42Patrick Gerald Handler/Cutter6'0"
45Jeremiah Cascairo Defense (Cutter) 
49Joe Ledvina H Cutter5'10"
63Nathanael Binder Cutter 
95Reed Karman Defense (Cutter)5'11"
99Corbin Greening Defense (Cutter)6'1"