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Missouri S&T (Miner Threat)

Rolla, Missouri

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Hands down the best ultimate frisbee team in Rolla, Missouri, Miner Threat is a Division III team in the South Central region. Coming off of a wet and wild Spring Sectionals and a strong performance in the Fall semester at tournaments such as Elephantitis, Glory Days, and MLC, we are prepared to make this Spring one of the best in school history! Contact Info: Brendan Carriel, President

Player Roster

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 Dallas Buchanan CutterCollege (FR)5'11"
 Eric Chavez Defense (Cutter) 6'2"
 Ezekiel Peterson DumpCollege (SO)1'0"
 Gavin Adams DeepCollege (JR)6'4"
 John Markiewicz  College (FR)6'0"
 Jose Sarratud  College (SR) 5'8"
 Lawrence Eastman  High School (11th Grade)6'0"
 Lunden Brent   1'0"
 Nicholas Morton    
 Richard Murphy    
 Shashank Nedungadi   5'9"
 Tristan Chan-smith   6'3"
 Zachary De Craene   6'1"
00John Mauntel Defense (Cutter/Handler)College (SR) 5'11"
00William (Will) Imming HandlerHigh School (12th Grade)6'0"
00Rusty McDonald   1'0"
00Sandy Gu  College (SO)6'0"
00Seth Day Handler 5'9"
00Mitchell Zimmmermann Cutter 5'11"
00Justin Flynn   10'11"
00Jacob Crouse    
00Daniel Drury CutterCollege (SR) 6'9"
00David Szatkowski    
00Benjamin Alber   5'10"
00Cameron Leonard    
00Christopher Dolles CutterCollege (FR)6'1"
05Quinten Volz Handler  
12Brendan Carriel HandlerCollege (SO)6'2"
16David Druzynski MidCollege (SO)5'8"
16Nate Clancy Handler  
20Jared McKay HandlerCollege (JR)6'2"
21Brody Johnson Handler 6'0"
25Kelly Mauntel Mid 10'11"
30Trevor Nenninger DumpCollege (SR) 6'1"
36Louie Bertoncin H HandlerCollege (JR)5'9"
69Robert Taylor Deep