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I Thought This Was A Wine Tasting

New York, New York

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A collection of ladies from NYC and surrounding suburbs who came together thinking this whole thing was a wine tasting. Boy were we surprised when we found out we had to play ultimate! We're getting too old for this...

Player Roster

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02Diane Palmer Mid5'8" 1 2
03Christine Hung Cutter  1
04Bernadette Boyle Cutter  3
07Elizabeth Middleton Defense (Handler)5'3" 3
10Kelly Nye Handler  1
11Anna Meyendorff Handler/Cutter  2
13Rebecca Tucker Handler/Cutter 
14Natalya Budnyatsky Cutter  1 1
15Diana DeLeo Cutter  2
16Ashley Gulyas (Snyder) Handler 
19Kelley Germanowski (Miller) Mid5'7" 1
22Sasinya Scott Cutter 
23Annika Walters Cutter  2 1
27Katrina Krasnansky Cutter  3 1
31Patrice Connors Handler  1 1
33Kelcie Glick Cutter  5 5
71Julie Sussman Handler/Cutter  1 3
76Taliesin Thomas Cutter  1
85Laura Kaplan-Weisman Cutter  2
99Kara Neaton Cutter  1