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Fake Newport News

Newport News, Virginia

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Basically the same as @spaceheaterulti minus the skill, and experience, and donovan award winner, and many trips to nationals at various levels, and hype.

Player Roster

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0Anna-Britta Pincus  5'2"
0Caroline Tsui   
0Emily White  5'10"
0Morgan Shelton   
0Richard Rudnicki Handler 
3Forrest Hannahs Mid1'0"
6Caroline Best   
02Ben Slade Mid6'2"
05Tim Slade Mid 
07David Slade Mid7'1"
08Jacob Slade Handler5'10"
13Alan Hancock Deep1'0"
15Emelia Marshall Mid 
18Nat Choate Mid6'4"
20Anna Slade Handler 
21Mae Kemsley-Kirn Handler5'4"
23Spencer Kirn Handler5'11"
25Joseph Hoffman Mid10'0"
30ThomasJae Garcia Cutter 
34Gabriella Garza Cutter 
40Kristin Cochran Handler 
45Spencer Neher Handler5'10"
59Brent Poynter H Handler5'6"
96Luke Rehfuss H Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'8"