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Rensselaer Polytech (Trudge)

Troy, New York

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David Ferraro (Head Coach)
RPI's Trudge is one of the oldest College teams and we carry with us a reputation of determination and enthusiasm. We are a team with a rich history and a strong alumni base and we hope to make an impact on the Metro East region this year.

Player Roster

01James VeitengruberCutter   6 1
02Ciaran YoungDefense (Cutter)   2 1
03Bryce MarkelCutterHigh School (11th Grade)1'0" 3 2
04Alexander CurreriHandlerCollege (SO)6'1" 11 9
05Jonathan PizzoDefense (Cutter)Elementary School (K)6'9"
06Henk HumesDefense (Cutter)College (SO)10'11"
09Andrew YaleCutterCollege (GR)6'2" 3 12
10Andrew KernsHandler   1 2
12Spencer HoltDefense (Cutter)  
13Devin MalanaphyDefense (Handler)Elementary School (1st grade)1'1"
17Pierre FabrisCutter   5 2
18Christoper DuffyDefense (Handler)College (FR)6'4"
28Sacha KaiserHandlerElementary School (3rd grade)6'0" 3
30Alain HwangDefense (Cutter)  
33Adam PomeranzHandler   1
34Zach BiletchDefense (Handler)   4
37Alec KrasinskiDefense (Cutter)  
38Issac KimDefense (Cutter)High School (11th Grade)5'10"
42Victor ChenDefense (Handler) 1'0"
44Adam MorganCutter  
53Huntington GazeckiDefense (Cutter)College (SR) 4'10"
63Timothy NewmanDefense (Cutter)College (SR) 6'0" 1
64Adam AlperDefense (Handler)   1
77Francis SantosoDefense (Cutter)  
79Peter KoDefense (Handler)  
88Philip KameiDefense (Cutter)  
96Dane BushDefense (Handler)  
99Calvin JungreisDefense (Cutter)   1