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2016 YCC Online Ethics Webinar

Meeting Name: 2016 YCC Online Ethics Webinar 
Summary: 2016 YCC Online Ethics Webinar 
Webinar times by time zones are:
8:30 pm to 10:30 pm EDT
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm CDT
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm MDT
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm PDT
This online webinar is intended for ethics certification of YCC coaching staff. One coach per staff is required to have at least an ethics level certification for sideline access during the semis and/or finals. The Level I and II CDP certification will also satisfy the sideline access requirement.
A link to the webinar room will be sent the day before the workshop to paid registrants.
Here are a few suggestions to help the webinar go smoothly:
1) Have a working microphone ready as you will need it to contribute to the group discussion. 
a. Click on the white microphone icon on the top of your screen in between the volume and the webcam to initiate the microphone. Choose ‘Connect My Audio."
2) Use headphones, so there is no feedback for everyone else.
3) Test your internet connection ahead of time,
a. You can get a quick overview of the Adobe Connect Software here,
4) Be ready to contribute to the group discussion!
a. Everyone will get more out of the webinar as they learn from each other’s personal experiences.
b. This means being in a place where you feel comfortable talking out loud. (The library or a quiet coffee shop may not be the best place to go for the webinar.)
5) The earlier everyone is on the webinar with their microphones ready to go, the earlier the webinar can be completed.
6) If you have any technical issues during the webinar, please contact Manager of Youth and Education Programs Dan Raabe at or 719-219-8322x115.
CDP Ethics / Coaching Development Program / Ethics
Manager / Instructor:
Sub Manager / Local Organizer:
Registration Open Date:
7/20/2016 10:45 AM
Registration End Date:
7/24/2016 23:59 PM
Clinic Start Date:
7/26/2016 18:30 PM
Clinic End Date:
7/26/2016 20:30 PM
Clinic Cost:
Travel Directions / Accommodations:
 John Sandahl (Level I & II)
  • Coach of 2004, 2008, 2010 US Junior Women’s team
  • Coach and Co-Founder of Squall Frisbee Club, Minneapolis South HS open team
  • Coach and Cofounder of Misces (Minnesota Girls HS combo team) – UPA HS National Championship Spirit Award Winners, 2003
  • Coordinator and Cofounder of Twin Cities Juniors League
  • Tournament Director and Cofounder of the Minnesota State HS Championships
  • Founder and Director of Twin Cities Ultimate Camp
  • Player, Subzero (2001-2007),
  • Player, Peppermint BonBon (2008),
  • Player, Surley (2009 finalist)