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Level I Re-certification-ONLINE-2018


***  Please Read Before Registering For This Clinic  ***

You never have to sign up for both the Ethics re-certification clinic and Level I re-certification clinic.  

This clinic is only for those who have an expired Level I certification.

If you are re-certifiying an Ethics certification, you DO NOT (and SHOULD NOT) sign up for the Level I re-certification.  Instead you should be looking for the clinic titled:  "Ethics Re-certification - ONLINE - 2018"

***  Please Read Before Registering For This Clinic  ***

1. Confirm that your "Green Light" from the National Center for Safety Initiatives screening is current and complete (this process can take up to ten business days). You can check in your member account:


Note: The background check is not included with the recertification fee. 

2. Log-in to your on-line USA Ultimate account and make sure your USA Ultimate Coach or Player/Coach Membership is current.

3. Register for the course (click "Apply for clinic" below) 

3a. Choose the check box next to "Re-certify your Level I certification here"

3b. Pay the $32.50 processing fee on the next screen under "payment status".

4. Email directions to access the on-line exam will be sent to the email address associated with your member account. This is not an automated process, and are typically sent out Monday mornings.

5. Upon written request to, USA Ultimate will mail you the current Coaching Ethics & Performance manuals and email directions to access the on-line exam.

6. Take the on-line exam and pass with a score of 80%

CDP Level I / Coaching Development Program / Level I
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Registration Open Date:
1/01/2018 00:00 AM
Registration End Date:
12/31/2018 23:59 PM
Clinic Start Date:
1/01/2018 00:00 AM
Clinic End Date:
12/31/2018 23:59 PM
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Online, CO