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Beach Championships

City: Virginia Beach
Date: 5/14/2016 - 5/15/2016
State: VA
Men's Division Schedule
Mixed Division Schedule
Women's Division Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.

2016 USA Ultimate Beach Championships Teams
Grand Masters (Tw: #beachnats + #GM)
Alchemy* - Carrboro, NC
Borderline - Orono, ME
Old Line - Cockeysville, MD
Terror Bulls - Florida
Johnny Walker - Denver, CO
No Country - Brattleboro, VT
Grave Error - Chapel Hill, NC
Sandblast - Chicago, IL
Scrapple - Philadelphia, PA
Sol Draft - Orlando, FL
Men's (Tw: #beachnats + #MEN)
Ampersand - Philadelphia, PA
Bayonet - San Francisco, CA
BroWatch - Athens, OH
Dune Squad - Ypsilanti, MI
FludWhale - Richmond, VA
Humiliswag - Ocean City, MD
Jaybirds - Destin, FL
MidRift - Iowa City, IA
Paranoia - Washington, D.C.
Right Coast - Raleigh, NC
Sailors - Lynchburg, VA
Somerville Youth - Somerville, MA
The Warhawks* - Cambridge, MA
Weekend at Bernie's - New York, NY
Yetis on the Beach - Ann Arbor, MI
Mixed (Tw: #beachnats + #MIX)
Baltimore Flatball Club - Baltimore, MD
Beach Please - Denver, CO
Beachboat - Cincinnati, OH
Believeland - Clevelnad, OH
Big Fish - Woods Hole, MA
Comic Sands - Fort Worth, TX
Donkey Play - Raleigh, NC
Erie Brig - Erie, PA
Fog City - San Francisco, CA
Fuster - Charleston, WV
Illegal Seafood - Boston, MA
Lord Fairfax - Alexandria, VA
Max Power - Toronto, ON
No Tsu Oh - Houston, TX
Opig - Arlington, VA
Point Break LA * - Los Angeles, CA
Squirtle Squad - Montclair, NJ
The Bandits - Middletown, NJ
The Kevin Seiler Experience - Ames, IA
Mixed Masters (Tw: #beachnats + #XM)
Beachs & Cream - Nashville, TN
Bottomless Brunch - New York, NY
Charge! - Jennieville, MD
Danger Bay - Toronto, ON
Get Off My Lawn - Washington, DC
Gruntled - Iowa City, IA
Over The Hill - Washington, D.C.
Overrated - Rochester, NY
Shostakovich - Brooklyn, NY
Swamp Rats* - Oxford, NC
Ye Olde Boxcar - Raleigh, NC
Women's (Tw: #beachnats + #WMN)
BENT - New York, NY
Filly LAMP - Philadelphia, PA
Filthy Rich - Richmond, VA
First in Flight - Chapel Hill, NC
Retro - Raleigh, NC
Rockford Beaches - Madison, WI
Sand Witches - Madison, WI
Sharks & Kisses - Raleigh, NC
Skeeahreet* - Boston, MA
Throwtorious RBG - Washington, D.C.
* 2015 Champions

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
The 2016 USA Ultimate Beach Championships return to Virginia Beach after an amazing first year. Teams in seven divisions will vie for beach supremacy while enjoying the hospitality of Virginia Beach.