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2017 East Plains Men's Sectionals

City: Versailles
Date: 9/9/2017 - 9/10/2017
State: OH
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# of teams: 14

# of bids to Regionals: 8

# of byes to Regionals: 1 (High Five)

Format: 14.6


Final Standings:

1. Schweingeist*

2. Kentucky Flying Circus*

3. Four*

4. Smokestack*

5. Enigma*

6. Mango Tree*

7. Chimney*

8. Black Lung*

9. Low Five

10. Midnight Meat Train

11. AK Pipeline

12. Solar Eclipse

13. Dirty D

14. The Boys



* = Qualified for Great Lakes Men's Regional Championships 



Participating teams:

1. AK Pipeline

2. Black Lung

3. Chimney

4. Dirty D

5. Enigma

6. Four

7. Kentucky Flying Circus

8. Low Five

9. Mango Tree

10. Midnight Meat Train

11. Schweingeist

12. Smokestack

13. Solar Eclipse

14. The Boys




The full TCT Guidelines including post-season guideline can be found here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Parking Map & Details (Click for more details)

Camping is allowed at the fields. Please camp around the concrete tee pads to allow for ample room to park.
On Saturday, the women and mixed are up front, while the men's division is in the back. You should be able to park on the grass.
Mixed Division, make 3 rows in the grass by fields 10-15.
Men's Division, park in the back. Make sure you pull in facing the trees and the fields.
Drive slowly down the lane.
On Sunday, the fields are reversed with the Men's Division at the front and the mixed in the back.
CAMPING: Showers at the Old School are open from 4pm to 9pm Saturday Only. No Open flames please. Lights out at Midnight.


Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Sectional Championship Tournament
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Field Map:
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