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2017 Ozarks Mixed Sectionals

City: Tulsa
Date: 9/9/2017 - 9/10/2017
State: OK
Mixed Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.

# of teams: 4

# of bids to Regionals: 2

# of byes to Regionals: 0

Format: 4.2.1


Participating teams:


2. Mixed on the Rock

3. Rubber Duck Ultimate

4. Swipe >



Final Standings:

1. Rubber duck ultimate*

2. Boomtown*

3. Mixed on the Rock

4. Swipe >


* = Qualified for South Central Mixed Regional Championships 

Health, Safety and Liability Requirements - Please make sure to understand, follow, and communicate/share these requirements with all participants.
Tournament Medical and Inclement Weather Plan - Specific safety information for your tournament
Provisions & Amenities - A list of important items that should be provided at the tournament. (Note not all items may be provided at regular season or recreation events, such as logos, event guides, shelter etc.).
Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. This includes the requirement for a rostered chaperone.
Rostering Requirements - All event participants must have a current waiver & membership and be rostered through the USA Ultimate rostering system in order to participate. 
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Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Sectional Championship Tournament
 4 teams, 2 advance
Bracket 4.2.1 (double elimination)
Round 1 - 10:30 AM
Round 2 - 12:30 PM
Round 3 - 2:30 PM
End 4:15 PM
Tournament food WILL be available including; Einstein Bagels and Fruit.
Water: Bring a Nalgene or gallon water jug. We will have 10 gallon water coolers on each field. If your cooler becomes empty, set the cooler on its side and it will promptly be replaced with fresh water.
Dogs: Allowed
2 Trainers will be onsite. There will also be a traveling Medical Bus onsite. This is an AC cooled medical bus. You’ll be able to get taped up in the AC. Grab a salt tab while you’re there. These tabs are very effective in replacing your salts and keeping you hydrated.
Urgent Care: ?1217 E 48th St, Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone:??(918) 728-3333
Lightning Delay:
When a lightning delay is announced, the disc is immediately ruled dead at the first utterance of the announcement, whether it be verbal or 3 (or more) horn blasts.  If announced during a pass, the disc is returned to the thrower regardless of the outcome of the pass. Place the disc on the ground, make a mental note of its placement, and seek shelter.  When Tournament Staff announce that it is safe for games to continue, play will resume as if offense had called a time-out, except the stall will come in at the count reached +1 or 6 if over 5.  In addition, captains can discuss enforcing their own lightning delay prior to an official signal. More details on USAU's policy onlightning can be found at
DUE September 9th
Bid Fee: $150
Preferred method of payment is PayPal to :
PayPal users MUST be 'verified' and transactions must be sent via 'friends and family' with NO TRANSACTION FEES...
(if you must, you can send a check made out to : Tulsa Ultimate Federation and send it to:
TUF @ 1439 E 55th Place, Tulsa, OK 74105)