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2019 USA Ultimate Beach Championships

City: Virginia Beach
Date: 5/11/2019 - 5/12/2019
State: VA

Our Local Organizing Committee Team is spearheaded by:
Tournament Director:  George Alcaraz of Resort Management
Volunteer Coordinator:  Aimee Rhodes of Surfrider Foundation
and Kenneth Payne of Virginia Beach Sports Marketing
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Confirmed Teams
Grand Masters: Borderline, Johnny Walker, Sand Yard, Sandblast, Santa Barbara Eldors, Scrapheap, Virginia Gentlemen
Great Grand Masters: DoG Country, Great Grandmaster Flash, Second Wind, Sands of Time, Triaged
Men's: AMPersand, Bayonet, Aggresively Mediocre, And the Warhawks, Bernin' Down the House, Flüdwhale, Humiliswag, MidRift, Paranoia, Somerville Youth, Blade of Sand, Risky Bidness, JOEL!, Super Bash Bros., BLUD
Mixed: No Tsu Oh, Plants with Pants, Well Fed, Big Fish, Point Break LA, 90s Babies, Beachboat, Cult of Sutro, Fog City, OPig, Rex on the Beach, Squirtle Squad, Tuscan Raiders, Friends with Juice, The Funk, The Locals
Mixed Masters: Swamp Rats, Aged and Confused, Beaches & Cream, Big Fish, Charge!, Love Handles, Old Money, Over the Hill, Overrated, SHAM, Shostakovich (and the Angry Buddha), Old Phoagies, Ye Olde Boxcar, Sandy Love, Recreational Hazard
Women's: Filthy Rich, Philly LAMP, Rockford Beaches, Throwtorious RBG, Sand Cats, Snowbirds, We Throw to Our Men

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
The 2019 USA Ultimate Beach Championships return to Virginia Beach for the fIfth year on May 11 - 12.

Learn to Play Clinic
3:00-5:00 pm on the beach between 10th and 11th street
Kids ages 18 and under
Free! Participants receive a free disc!
Official Disc of USA Ultimate
Medical and Inclement Weather plan TBA