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2019 USA Ultimate Beach Championships

City: Virginia Beach
Date: 5/11/2019 - 5/12/2019
State: VA
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule
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This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
SPIRIT Winner: Bernin' Down The House
1) Humiliswag (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
2) And the Warhawks (New York, NY)
3) FludWhale (Richmond, VA)
4) Bayonet (Chapel Hill, NC)
5) AMPersand (Philadelphia, PA)
6) Somerville Youth (Somerville, MA)
7) Joel! (Philadelphia, PA)
8) Paranoia (Washington, DC)
9) Super Bash Bros. (Durham, NC)
10) MidRift (Iowa City, IA)
11) Blades of Sand (Nashville, TN)
12) Bernin' Down the House (New York, NY)
13) Aggressively Mediocre (Hampton, VA)
14) BLUD (Roanoke, VA)
15) Risky Bidness (Hillside, IL)
SPIRIT Winner: Beachboat
1) Opig (Arlington, VA)
2) No Tsu Oh (Houston, TX)
3) Point Break (Los Angeles, CA)
4) 90s Babies (Washington, DC)
5) Fog City (San Francisco, CA)
6) Friends with Juice (Albany, NY)
7) Beachboat (Cincinnati, OH)
8) Squirtle Squad (Cranford, NJ)
9) Cult of Sutro (San Francisco, CA)
10) Big Fish (Cape Cod, MA)
11) Well Fed (Madison, WI)
12) DJ Ni Ni's Beach Bunnies (St Louis, MO)
13) Funk (Newburgh, NY)
14) Plants with Pants (Freeport, NY)
15) Locals (Norfolk, VA)
16) Rex on the Beach (Charlottesville, VA)
We shortened formats due to weather and we needed to lose a round of pool play.  We were going to cut the 6 v 7 pool game but, after looking at Saturday results, were much happier to play it in favor of the less evenly matched 1 v 7 game.
Rockford Beaches, Sand Cats, and LAMP all finished 4-1 against common opponents and 1-1 against each other.  Based on the reported scores and the tie-breaker rules, we next looked at the point differential between those three teams in the games against each other.
SPIRIT Winner: Rockford Beaches
1) Rockford Beaches (Madison, WI) 4-1, 1-1, +1 
2) Sand Cats (Durham, NC) 5-1, 1-1, 0
3) LAMP (Philadelphia, PA) 5-1, 1-1, -1
4) Filthy Rich (Richmond, VA) 3-3
5) Throwtorious RBG (Washington, DC) 2-4
6) WeTom:  Witch Hunt (Baltimore, MD) 1-4
7) SnowBirds (Ann Arbor, MI) 0-6
Masters Mixed
SPIRIT Winner: Love Handles
1) Swamp Rats (Raleigh, NC)
2) Shostakovich (and the Angry Buddha, Brooklyn, NY)
T-3) Beaches & Cream (Nashville, TN) and Over the Hill (Washington, DC)
5) Early Bird Special (Bay Area, CA)
6) Overrated (Rochester, NY)
7) Old Money (Charlotte, NC)
8) Charge! (Washington, DC)
9) Old Phoagies (Philadelphia, PA)
10) Aged and Confused (Richmond, VA)
11) SHAM WoW! (Washington, DC)
12) Ye Olde Boxcar (Raleigh, NC)
13) Sandy Love (Charleston, SC)
14) Love Handles (Boston, MA)
Grand Masters Men's
SPIRIT Winner: Borderline
1) Eldors (Santa Barbra, CA)
2) Sandblast (Chicago, IL)
3) Johnny Walker (Denver/Boulder, CO)
4) Sandyard (Raleigh, NC)
5) Borderline (Yarmouth, ME)
6) Scrapheap (Pittsburgh, PA)
7) Virginia Gentlemen (Charlottesville, VA)
Great Grand Masters Men's
SPIRIT Winner: SalvAge
1) Second Wind (Camp Hill, PA)
2) DoG (Sudbury, MA)
3) TriAged Beach GGM (Raleigh, NC)
4) SalvAge (Boston, MA)
5) Great GrandMaster Flash (Orlando, FL)

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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Our Local Organizing Committee Team is spearheaded by:
Tournament Director:  George Alcaraz of Resort Management
Volunteer Coordinator:  Aimee Rhodes of Surfrider Foundation
and Kenneth Payne of Virginia Beach Sports Marketing
Resort_Management Surfrider_Foundation_Virginia_Chapter_logo VA_Beach_Sports_Marketing_new
USA Ultimate Staff:
Director, Member Services & Community Development – Josh Murphy
Manager, Events – David Raflo
Manager, Competition & Athletics Programs (Club) – Carolina Gonzalez-Llanos
Manager, Competition & Athletics Programs (Youth) – Joy Ferenbaugh
Manager, Community Services and Development – Leah Dolan-Kelley
Coordinator, Youth & Education Programs – Sarah Powers
Communications Coordinator – Larry Melton
Site Rules:
No Tobacco! Facility, event staff and security will be checking to make sure people are not smoking. Please abide by the rules.
No glass or metal bottle caps!
Pets, glass containers, motorized vehicles and any other items that are deemed unsafe are prohibited.
Spectators and equipment must stay at least three yards away from sidelines!Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least three yards.
Trash and Recycling! Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash. Keep the facility clean.
Language – This is a family environment. Please keep this in mind.