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2019 USA Ultimate South Central Great Grand Masters Regionals

City: Oklahoma City
Date: 6/8/2019 - 6/8/2019
State: OK
Men Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.
 Final Standings
1. Old and in the Way
3. Ozark Hillbillys
Team fee of $200 due Friday May 24th
Paypal (friends and family style with NO FEES): 
Saturday June 8th
Wendell Whisenhunt Sports Complex OKC, OK
3200 S. Independence, OKC, OK 73119
Field TBD
Rounds are 11/12:50/2:40  (last round hard cap horn @ 4pm)
Games to 13 (hard at 15)
80 min Soft cap - 100 min Hard cap
ONE time out per half plus a floater
Seeding (based on last year's Nationals)
1)Old and In the Way (7th)
2)SICK (9th)
3)Hillbillies (12th)
Whisenhunt Sports Complex: 
3200 S Independence Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Tournament Director: Liana Gaudrealt Cell: (719)639-1835 

Masters Tournament discs will be for sale at Frisbee Central for $10

Gates will be open at 7:30am, Athletic Trainer will be onsite at 8am

Team Welcome Packets are available for each team with a game disc. 

No dogs are allowed at or on fields - except service animals. 

Glass containers are not permitted in the facility

There is no official Alcohol policy, but please be responsible adults and by no means litter! 

Rain policy: Forecast is looking good for the weekend, If there is significant rain ( >2inches in 24hrs) the fields will be closed and games will be delayed. If any weather looks to affect this, then an update email will be sent to captains immediately. 

After Party/ Social Event: 
Angry Scotsman Brewery (Downtown) 6-9pm
$4 Beer Special all night, and food trucks. 
Table 3.1 - Three-Team Round-robin 
 1 v 3
 2 v 3
 1 v 2
 The Three team tie-breaker problem. When all three teams in a pool finish with 1-1 records, apply the standard tiebreakers, but you should add the following rule to the tournament: If the first two games of a three-way round robin end with the exact same score (but different winners), one additional point should be played after the second game. The pulling team and the sides should be the same as at the beginning of the second half. This point will only count in the case of the otherwise unbreakable three-way tie, where each game results in the exact same score. If each team has a point differential of zero after the last game and all three games resulted in the same score, the additional point played after round two determines the first and third place teams. Example 1. A beats B 15-12. B beats C 15-12. At the conclusion of their game, B and C play one additional point. This point will only come into play if C beats A 15-12 in the final game. Remember, this provision only goes into effect if all three scores are identical; if merely all three point differentials are identical, that is not enough to trigger this provision (see next example). The problem with this, of course, is that where a team finishes, in part, is due to the round in which that team has a bye. But since teams know entering the final game what an identical score will cause, those two teams are in control of their fate, and the third team had a chance to impact the tie during the tiebreak point of the previous round. Example 2. A beats B 15-12. B beats C 14-11. C beats A 15-12. All three point differentials are zero, but not all the scores are identical. The tie can be broken, however, with tie-breaker rule #6, which is "points scored, counting only games among the teams that are tied." A has scored 27 points, B and C have each scored 26 points. A takes first place, and you attempt to break B and C's tie by going back at the first rule. On head-to-head (rule #2), B beat C, and so B takes second and C takes third. 

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Regional Championship Tournament