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2023 U.S. Open Club Championships - YCC

City: Aurora
Date: 8/5/2023 - 8/7/2023
State: CO
Boys Schedule
Girls Schedule
Mixed Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Spirit Winners
U-17 Girls - Philadelphia Pythons
U-17 Boys - Madison MUFAbots U17B
U-20 Girls - California Current
U-20 Boys - BUDA U20B
U-20 Mixed - NWA White Tails
U17 Girls
1. rATLers
2. Philadelphia Pythons
3. Seven Hills U17 Gx
4. Belly of the Beast!
5. DC Force
6. Utah Swarm U17 Girls
7. Kitty Hawks
U17 Boys
1. Seven Hills U17 Open
2. OAK Sparks
3. DEVYL U-17
4. Oregon Eclipse
5. Capitol Heights
6. ATLas
7. BUDA U17 Boys
8. Utah Swarm U17 Boys
9. Philadelphia Padawans
10. NC Hammer
11. Texas Double Trouble
12. Aftershock
13. Michigan Stubble
14. Colorado Cutthroat Youth Club U-17 Boys
15. Madison MUFAbots U17B
16. Nightmare
17. Flying Piglet
18. Lucky PuNCs
U20 Girls
1. Seven Hills U20 Gx
2. Oregon Downpour
3. Phang
4. Utah Swarm U20 Girls
5. Rip Tide
6. Colorado Cutthroat: Youth Club U-20 Girls
7. BUDA U20G
8. Warhawks
9. Valley Ultimate
10. cATLanta
11. California Current
12. Bullseye
13. DEVYL U20 Girls
14. Texas Tango
15. Rogue
U20 Boys
1. Utah Swarm U20 Boys
2. Foggy Bottom Boys
3. Triforce
4. Philadelphia SEPDA (Boys)
5. SmOAK (U20)
6. Oregon Trainwreck
7. COSmic U-20 Boys
8. Kentucky Khaos
9. BUDA U20B
10. DEVYL U-20 Boys
11. Seven Hills U20 Open
12. Colorado Cutthroat: Youth Club U-20 Boys
13. Red Dawn
14. Texas United
15. ATLiens
16. Charlotte Flight
17. Rising Tide U20B
18. Red Hots - u20
19. Villains
20. Moon Pigs
21. Impulse
22. Flying Pig
23. Connecticut Harpoon
24. Madison MUFAbots U20B
U20 Mixed
1. Seven Hills U20 Mixed
2. Oregon Landslide
3. Dallas Nightfall
4. Swing Vote
5. Utah Swarm U20 Mixed
6. Philadelphia Forge (Mixed)
7. Virginia Vanguard
8. Equinox
9. Hypnosis
10. Albany Anarchy
11. Michigan Rainbow Connection
12. Solar Flares
13. Madison MUFAbots U20X
14. Rochester Chill U20X
15. Maryland Blackout
16. NWA White Tails
Final Spirit Scores
Place U-17 Girls Spirit Score
1 Philadelphia Pythons 15.20
2 Kitty Hawks 14.40
3 Belly of the Beast! 14.17
4 Utah Swarm 13.17
5 BUDA 13.00
6 rATLers 12.60
7 DC Force 10.50
8 Seven Hills 9.67
Place U-17 Boys Spirit Score
1 Madison MUFAbots 14.20
2 OAK Sparks 14.20
3 Oregon Eclipse 14.00
4 Aftershock 13.43
5 Lucky PuNCs 13.20
6 Nightmare 13.20
7 Capitol Heights 13.17
8 Colorado Cutthroat 13.00
9 Flying Piglet 12.75
10 Philadelphia Padawans 12.67
11 BUDA 12.29
12 DEVYL 11.80
13 Utah Swarm 11.33
14 ATLas 10.50
15 NC Hammer 10.20
16 Michigan Stubble 10.00
17 Seven Hills 9.83
18 Texas Double Trouble 9.00
Place U-20 Girls Spirit Score
1 California Current 13.57
2 Oregon Downpour 12.75
3 DEVYL 12.67
4 Rogue 12.67
5 BUDA 12.40
6 cATLanta 12.40
7 Bullseye 11.60
8 Phang 11.60
9 Colorado Cutthroat 11.33
10 Warhawks 11.00
11 Utah Swarm 10.83
12 Rip Tide 10.67
13 Texas Tango 10.43
14 Seven Hills 10.40
15 Valley Ultimate 10.20
Place U-20 Boys Spirit Score
1 BUDA 14.17
2 Moon Pigs 12.33
3 Kentucky Khaos 12.20
4 Madison MUFAbots 12.00
5 Utah Swarm 12.00
6 Connecticut Harpoon 11.40
7 COSmic 11.33
8 Flying Pig 11.00
9 Impulse 10.83
10 Oregon Trainwreck 10.83
11 Philadelphia SEPDA 10.67
12 Villains 10.60
13 Colorado Cutthroat 10.57
14 Triforce 10.50
15 ATLiens 10.33
16 DEVYL 10.29
17 Red Hots 9.80
18 Rising Tide 9.80
19 Foggy Bottom Boys 9.50
20 Red Dawn 9.50
21 SmOAK 9.17
22 Seven Hills 8.60
23 Charlotte Flight 8.33
24 Texas United 8.00
Place U-20 Mixed Spirit Score
1 NWA White Tails 15.40
2 Dallas Nightfall 14.20
3 Rochester Chill 14.17
4 Michigan Rainbow Connection 13.80
5 Maryland Blackout 13.33
6 Utah Swarm 12.75
7 Madison MUFAbots 12.50
8 Virginia Vanguard 12.20
9 Equinox 11.50
10 Hypnosis 11.33
11 Albany Anarchy 10.83
12 Seven Hills 10.83
13 Oregon Landslide 10.80
14 Solar Flares 10.67
15 Swing Vote 10.60
16 Philadelphia Forge 8.60
Event Inclusion Policy

Participants and all attendees at USA Ultimate events are expected to adhere to the USA Ultimate Code of Conduct, which includes, but is not limited to, the expectation to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment for all members of the community, no matter race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical, or sensory disability.
  • Participants will not engage in or condone any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • Participants will not threaten, bully, or express themselves in a way that infringes on the freedom of others.

USA Ultimate’s Gender Inclusion Policy governs participation around gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.

There will be players attending the event who identify as LGTBQIA+. The gender a player identifies as is considered that player’s gender. Agender, gender non-conforming (GNC), genderqueer, transgender, or gender fluid players are encouraged to join teams and match up with the players that they feel most comfortable playing with and marking. No coach or player should be asked to explain or justify their identity. Players are trusted to participate where they are most comfortable.

Any team, player, coach, spectator or other attendee that uses anti-LGTBQIA+, trans-phobic, racist or sexist language, or otherwise violates the USA Ultimate Code of Conduct should be reported to USA Ultimate staff. Such behavior will not be tolerated and will be subject to sanctions as outlined in the Code of Conduct. 

Behavior that violates the Code of Conduct may be reported as outlined in USA Ultimate’s Event Disciplinary Authority (EDA) Guidelines. At the Youth Club Championships, the EDAs are the USA Ultimate Competition Manager and Managing Director of Competition. Reports may be made at tournament headquarters at any time, or if assistance is needed during a game, event volunteers can contact a member of the USA Ultimate staff via radio.

Questions should be directed to the Competition Manager (Dana - or the Managing Director of Competition (Will -


The event is using a "Pay What You Can" model for admissions, rather than charging at the entrance or for "stadium" games. This model is intended to help keep the event affordable, based on people’s different financial circumstances, while also promoting the value of the event experience and the many programs and services USA Ultimate and our local host (Altitude Ultimate) provide the community. Spectators are asked to use the link below to pay their admissions fee before or during the event. 

This fee is flexible, and we’ve provided the following suggestions as a framework to consider.

I can pay more = $20/day, $60/whole event

I can pay the regular rate = $15/day, $45/whole event

I can pay less = $10/day, $30/whole event

*Players and coaches are not expected to pay admissions. 

All revenue from admissions fees goes towards funding USA Ultimate and Altitude Ultimate’s missions to grow and support the sport and the ultimate community. Thank you!


*SAFETY NOTE: Please avoid leaving valuables visible in vehicles and keep doors locked.

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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Site Rules
• No alcohol
• No Tobacco
• No Glass
• No Firearms or weapons
• No Abusive Language
• Observe parking restrictions and designated handicap/staff areas
• Spectators and Equipment must stay at least 5 yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least 5 yards
• Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans 
Altitude Ultimate Lead Organizers
Tournament Directors:  Christian Gentry and Mike Richard
Volunteer Coordinator:  Ben Fletcher
Head Scorekeeper:  Monica Weindling
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator:  Jason Howard
Assistant Head Scorekeeper:  Collin Ruprect
Hospitality & Admissions Coordinator:  Bekah Richard
Rentals and lunches:  Jeff Berget
USA Ultimate Staff
Managing Director, Athlete & National Team Programs:  Will Deaver
Managing Director, Marketing, Communications & Brand:  Andy Lee
Director, Members Services & Community Development; Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair:  Stacey Waldrup
Manager, Athlete & National Team Programs (Youth); Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair:  Dana Jefferson
Manager, Athlete & National Team Programs (Club):  Marc Zigterman
Events Managers:  David Raflo & Byron Hicks
Manager, Community Development & H.R.:  Leah Dolan-Kelley
Manager, Youth & Education Programs:  Sam Callan
Manager, EDI & Youth Engagement:  Gervon Williams
Manager, Communications:  Byran Geenen
SOTG Director:  Travis Smith
Public Address Announcer:  Peter Burke
Observers:  Marvin Vuong (Head Observer), Jeff Blair, Bill Bourret, Brian Bradburn, Dylan Bradford, Enzo Cianelli, Ben DeForest, Michael Ferguson, Donovan Gleeson, Amy Kendziorski, Wally Kwong, Sebastian Miner, Jonathan Monforti, Madison Olesen, Paul Otto, Michael Richardson, Joey Tillman, Autumn Tocci, Chris Vanni, & Stephen Wang