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Cascadia D-I College Men's CC

City: Burlington
Date: 4/16/2022 - 4/17/2022
State: WA
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This event is not accepting registration anymore.

Primary Contact: Delaney Adams <>

Bid Fee: $400

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Format: 9 teams, 6 advance


9.5 Six, seven, eight, or nine teams advance Start with two unequal pools of four and five, according to Table 9.1.4. All games in both pools are to 13. Teams in pool A receive two pool-wide byes to start the day, as a pool of four takes only three rounds to complete rather than five rounds for a pool of five.

On the second day, the top two teams in each pool advance and use Bracket 4.2.2 - modified four-team double elimination – seeding out of two pools. The other five teams play Table 9.3, five-team pool play completion from two pools. Teams carry their results against the teams in their pool into the second day, and will only play teams from the other pool. The top 2 finishers in this pool of five advance, along with the four top finishers from the previous day. This format only requires three rounds on the second day, so they can be wellspaced. 


Games to 13


1. Washington*
2. Oregon*
3. Western Washington*
4. Victoria*
5. British Columbia*
6. Oregon State*
7. Washington B
8. Portland State
9. Oregon State B
*Regional Qualifiers 

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Championship Tournament - Conference Championship Tournament

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