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East New England Mixed Sectionals

City: Devens
Date: 9/13/2014 - 9/14/2014
State: MA
Mixed Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.
# of bids to Regionals: 2 byes plus 6 bids
Final Standings:
*1- The Ghosts
*2- Pleasuretown
*3- Mixed Nuts
*4- Lions
*5- Darkwing
*6- Ursidae
8- SuckerPunch
10- Blackfly
11- Drunk in Space
12- Providence Mob
13- Huckin' for Love
14- Reading Rainbow
15T- Beezer Ultimate
15T- Dead Reckoning
15T- DTH
15T- Masters in Terror
*Bye- Slow White
*Bye- Wildcard
* Qualified for Northeast Mixed Regionals 

2014 ENE Mixed Sectionals. 
We'll have 18 teams participating.
Seeding will be done by ranked teams first, then TD discretion on remaining teams. 
Tournament will be all day Sat Sept 13 and Sunday Sept 14
Please email with any questions

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Sectional Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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