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Eastern Metro East D-I College Women's CC

City: Stony Brook
Date: 4/16/2016 - 4/17/2016
State: NY
Women's Division Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.

  Format: 12.7 (7 bids to D-I Regionals)


Final Standings: 

  *1 - UConn (Connecticut) 

  *2 - Rutgers

  *3 - Columbia 

  *4 - SUNY Stony Brook

  *5 - Princeton

  *6 - Yale

  *7 -  NYU

   8 - Columbia B

  T9 - Hofstra

 T9 - Princeton B

 11 - Albany

 12 - UConn B



TDs: Collin Bartoldus (CC) and Scott Mulderig

For tournament fee ($400) invoice, please email: 

Tournament Info Packet


  • Barring any field issues or pool/bracket changes, women’s games with be at North and men’s games will be at South for both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Tournament HQ will be set up under a tent at the North field site. Exact location TBD, but it will likely be between fields 1,2 and 3 near the large light post.

  • Men’s Captain’s meeting: Saturday morning at 8:30am at South fields.

  • Women’s Captain’s meeting: Saturday morning at 10:00am at North fields at tournament HQ.

  • Garbage bags will be provided to each team. Please clean up the field sites completely after each game to ensure no garbage is left behind. Failure to clean up after ourselves may result in a loss of access to the fields (possibly even on Sunday). Help us keep this event clean!

  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited at both field sites and on campus.

  • We will provide teams with 6 gallons of water on both Saturday and Sunday morning, though we advise you to bring your own to supplement this. It is also prudent to save and refill the jugs from Saturday to bring back to the fields on Sunday.

  • There will be two Athletic Trainers at each field site both days of the event. ATs will arrive at 8:30am each day at each field site.

  • Please report any serious injuries, issues, or emergencies to the TDs immediately.


All game times, field information, etc. can be found on the respective USAU event pages for both divisions and (although unlikely) are subject to change. Please check your team emails regularly, report all scores quickly, and report any discrepancies/issues to the TDs.

Score Reporting:

  • Teams are responsible for reporting/verifying their game scores immediately after each round.



  • Saturday pool play games start at 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm and 3:00pm, with the final round of pool play on Sunday morning at 9:00am.

    • Pool play games are to 13 with one time out per half.

    • Soft cap at 70, hard at 80 minutes.

  • Sunday bracket games start at 10:30am, 12:15pm, and 2:00pm.

    • Bracket games are played to 15, with one time-out per half + 1 floater.

    • Soft cap at 90mins, hard at 1hr 45mins.

  • Women’s Schedule:

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Conference Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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This event is part of the 2016 USA Ultimate College Series
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Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. This includes the requirement for a rostered chaperone.
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