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Great Lakes Dev College Men's CC

City: Rantoul
Date: 4/14/2018 - 4/15/2018
State: IL
Men Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.


Final Standings:

Illinois (B) *

University of Michigan (B)

Northwestern (B)

Notre Dame (B)

Michigan State (B)

Purdue (B)

Indiana (B)

Kentucky (B)

ISU (B)/Univeristy of Chicago (B)/Illinois (C) (not in bracket play)



* = advances to regionals


Men's Champion: Illinois (B)

Men's Champion:
Format: 11.1 (1 bid to D-I Regionals)
This event is part of the 2018 College Postseason
Bid Fee: $225
Bid Fee Payment Instructions:
    - PayPal:
    - Venmo: @illinoismenace
    - Check: Women's Ultimate Frisbee, 808 W Illinois St, Apartment #35, Urbana, IL 61801

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Conference Championship Tournament
Monica VanDuyne;
Illinois D-1 Women's, Illinois D-1 Men's, and Great Lakes Developmental College Men's will all be hosted together. There are two fields sites: Bill Seeber Memorial Soccer Complex (main) and the Parade Fields in Rantoul, IL.
 Medical and Inclement Weather Plan

Event Managers are required to communicate the following plan to team contacts prior to the event and have a copy available on site at the medical area.

Resources:Health, Safety and Liability Guidelines&TD Manual


 Nearest Hospital

 Name:Carle Hospital

Address:611 W Park St, Urbana, IL 61801

Phone Number: (217) 383-3311                   

Map Link:


Medical Services provided at tournament

We will have an athletic trainer on the main site.


Where will the medical staff be at the event

Bill Seeber Memorial Soccer Complex Fields, central location of the fields, near tourney central.


How can teams contact the medical staff (phone, radio)

Can contact on site TD John Wolff at +19107050724

Teams can also contact tourney central by the twitter we created, @IL_Conference18

Both of these methods will ensure contact with medical staff.






How will event staff communicate weather, emergency & schedule changes to teams

If it is during play, we will tweet out information.

If it is before play, we can email out information/tweet information.



Any other relevant information specific to your tournament, if applicable (Facility specific weather policies)

There is no shelter at these fields, so teams would need to move into their cars.



USA Ultimate Weather Policy (Facility may have their own policy)

You can find more details and information here: Health, safety, and liability Requirements 


For Lightning:

If you hear thunder OR your computer or app shows that lightning has struck within ten miles, suspend activity.  If you do not have access to a computer or app that shows the proximity of lightning strikes, suspend play if lightning is seen even if you cannot hear thunder. 


For Extreme Heat and Cold:

Refer to Medical Staff Requirements.  When the Heat Index reaches 100 F (see NOAA/National Weather Service Heat Index Chart), play must be suspended.  In colder temperatures and/or wetter conditions, it is important to be cognizant of conditions conducive to hypothermia