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MIT Round Robin - Saturday

City: Cambridge
Date: 3/15/2014 - 3/15/2014
State: MA
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Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Competitive Tournament
Games will be on the Barry Astroturf fields at MIT. There is metered parking on Vassar St. and Mass Ave.
Games start at 9 am. This is a round robin format so each team will play 4 games. There are 5 rounds which are 95 minutes long. Games to 13, soft cap at 65 minutes (game to 2+ highest score) and hard cap at 85 minutes (finish the point- if tied after that point play one more). Teams get 1 time out per half, plus a floater. 
We will have an EMT on site at the fields in case of injuries or emergencies, but no athletic trainer. Teams should bring their own athletic tape, pre-wrap, etc.