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Mixed Easterns 2016

City: Devens
Date: 6/4/2016 - 6/5/2016
State: MA
Mixed Schedule

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Welcome to this USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning approved event!
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Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Recreational Tournament
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Field Map:
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Congrats to our champions Slow White in the Elite bracket and Wreckhouse in the Easterns bracket. 
Full Standings ; 
Elite Bracket Results : 
1 Slow White
2 Metro North
3 Titan NE
4 Anchor Ultimate
5 Wild Card
6 Pleasuretown
7 Battleship
8 Raft Ultimate
9 Darkwing Ultimate
10 7express
11 Grand Army
12 Mixed Nuts
13 Sunken Circus
14 Quest
15 Animals
16 Bandits
Easterns Bracket Results : 
1 Wreckhouse
t3 Mild Fart 
t3 Lake Effect
6 Nautilus
8 Cherry Bomb
9 Unlimited Swipes
10 Enough Monkeys
11 Haos
12 P-Mob
13 Rainbow
14 Albany Airbenders
t15 Beezer Ultimate
t15 Varsity Ultimate